Appendix:Mandarin Frequency lists/4001-5000

Traditional Simplified Pinyin Meaning
探索 探索 tànsuǒ explore, probe
滋味 滋味 zīwèi relish, richness, tang, sapidity, sapor, tinge, mouthful, savor, tasting, smack, flavor, savour, zest, taste, flavour
血管 血管 xiěguǎn afferent, vas, vena, blood_vessel, vessel, vein, blood vessel
jiě separate, divide, cut apart, untie, undo, explain, interpret, dissolve
籌備處 筹备处 chóubèichù preparatory/arrangements committee
團結 团结 tuánjié unite, rally
開拓 开拓 kāituò open up, develop, enlarge/expand (territory/etc.)
喜悅 喜悦 xǐyuè happy, joyous
開拓 开拓 kāituò open up, develop, enlarge/expand (territory/etc.)
lóng dragon, dinosaur
團結 团结 tuánjié unite, rally
價錢 价钱 jiàqián cost, monetary value, rate, price
盡速 尽速 jǐnsù as quickly/soon as possible
領導人 领导人 lǐngdǎorén leader
慢性 慢性 mànxìng chronic, slow (in taking effect)
台商 台商 táishāng Taiwan merchants
不致 不致 búzhì without resulting in
打工 打工 dǎgōng work part-time while studying in college, work as an employee, etc.
chuàng initiate, create, start doing, achieve ... for the first time, initiate (sth.)
xiàn set a limit, restrict
公營 公营 gōngyíng publicly owned/operated
根本 根本 gēnběn essence, foundation
xíng m.[proximation]
珍惜 珍惜 zhēnxí treasure, value, cherish, foster, appreciate, hold dear, prize, care for
容量 容量 róngliàng volume, measure of capacity, can, capability, capacity (of container), capacity, bulk, volumetric, canful, content
園區 园区 yuánqū park
抬頭 抬头 táitóu raise one's head, gain ground, improve, go up (in price)
空地 空地 kòngdì gap, area, open, vacant lot, clear, open ground/space, vacancy, open ground, building site, open space, space, frontage, sandlot, clearing, opening
所長 所长 suǒzhǎng head of an institute/etc.
喜悅 喜悦 xǐyuè happy, joyous
停車 停车 tíngchē park the car
馬來西亞 马来西亚 mǎláixīyǎ Malaya, Malaysia(country in Asia), Malaysia
停車 停车 tíngchē park the car
國防 国防 guófáng national defence, national defense
帶有 带有 dàiyǒu have, partake of
淘汰 淘汰 táotài weed out, competition, eliminate through selection, supersede, superannuate, weed, eliminate through selection or competition, screen_out, eliminate through competition, eliminate through selection/competition, fall into disuse, die out, eliminate, comb out, weed_out, selective
抬頭 抬头 táitóu raise one's head, gain ground, improve, go up (in price)
注音 注音 zhùyīn phonetic symbols
實用 实用 shíyòng practical, pragmatic, functional
夢想 梦想 mèngxiǎng fond dream
奮鬥 奋斗 fèndòu struggle, fight, strive
奮鬥 奋斗 fèndòu struggle, fight, strive
頗為 颇为 pǒwéi rather, somewhat
構造 构造 gòuzào constitution, configuration, make-up, build, anatomy, construction, structure, tectonic, fabric, compages, making, contexture, texture, conformation, apparatus, formation, architecture, makeup
熱情 热情 rèqíng enthusiastic
必定 必定 bìdìng inevitably, sure, for sure, by all means, needs, necessarily, sure enough, sure as shooting, be sure to, surely, certainly, of necessity, for certain
水平 水平 shuǐpíng level, horizontal, grade, degree, standard, horizontality
比賽 比赛 bǐsài compete in a game/activity/match
在乎 在乎 zàihū care about, take ... to heart, lie in, rest with, worry, care, mind
協議 协议 xiéyì agreement
編制 编制 biānzhì authorized staff/force
平面 平面 píngmiàn smooth, planar, planeness, plane, tabulate, level, flatness, two-dimensionality, table, sheet, horizontal surface, flat
剛好 刚好 gānghǎo exact, just right
péng Surname
放心 放心 fàngxīn disburden, set one's mind at rest, set one's mood at rest, be at ease, feel relieved, rest assured
含有 含有 hányǒu have, involve, infer, imply, tinge, include, number, carry, contain
停留 停留 tíngliú stay for a time or at a place
停車場 停车场 tíngchēchǎng parking_lot, parking area, parking, car_park, parking lot, car park, halt, yard, park
停留 停留 tíngliú stay for a time or at a place
售價 售价 shòujià asking price, selling price, selling_price, sell price, price
解除 解除 jiěchú remove, relieve, get rid of
zhào shine, illuminate
無形 无形 wúxíng invisible
違法 违法 wéifǎ illegal, be illegal, offend, violate, violate law, transgress, illegitimate, break the law
解除 解除 jiěchú remove, relieve, get rid of
北方 北方 běifāng norland, septentrion, compass north, northern part of country, northernness, northern, magnetic north, northward, north, the North, the northern part of the country
感覺到 感觉到 gǎnjuédào become aware, feel, sense
打擊 打击 dǎjí stun, frustration, blow
chuáng Buddhist stone pillar, ancient streamer, ancient pennant, ancient pennant/streamer, m.[general],
模糊 模糊 móhú dim, fade, befog, blur, mix up, slur, fade out, blear, confuse, obscure
對抗 对抗 duìkàng baulk, pit, combat, antagonise, encounter, counterwork, countervail, counteract, opposition, resistance, cope, breast, defend, fight, stem, play, battle, fight down, meet, fight back, antagonize, face, confront, front, oppose, contradict, controvert, balk, resist, jib, countercheck, take on, counterbalance, match
zhù halt, stay, be stationed at
會場 会场 huìchǎng assembly_hall, fraternity house, conference, assembly hall, conference/assembly hall, theater, meeting-place, chapterhouse, meeting place, venue, conference hall, frat house
yíng lick, beat, whip, gain, capot, win
betray, abandon, go against
jǐng view, Jing, shot, routine, bit, act, number, situation, scene, scenery, Surname, turn, condition
回饋 回馈 huíkuì reward, feedback
歧視 歧视 qíshì treat with bias, despise
昆蟲 昆虫 kūnchóng bug, creeper, hexapod, coreid, insect, dor, coreid bug
原料 原料 yuánliào making, stuff, feedstock, ingredient, primary, raw_material, fodder, material, staple, raw material
歧視 歧视 qíshì treat with bias, despise
被迫 被迫 bèipò forced, be forced, be compelled/forced, be compelled
yún cloud
郵件 邮件 yóujiàn mail, postal items, V-mail, mailing, postal matter, post, postbag, posting
shǒu guard, defend, keep watch
下來 下来 xiàlái [aspect]
qiāng rifle, gun
jiàn sword, skewer, fox, sabre, steel, snickersnee, brand, bilbo, saber, blade, glaive, falchion
課外 课外 kèwài extracurricular, outside class, after school
寧靜 宁静 níngjìng peaceful, tranquil, quiet
寧靜 宁静 níngjìng peaceful, tranquil, quiet
lùn discuss, talk about, consider, regard, mention, determine, decide on, discourse
biān group, arrangement, arrange, invent, entwine, weave, organize, edit, compilation, write, invention, pleach, cook up, plait, make up, braid, raddle, fabricate, compose, compile, fabrication
分組 分组 fēnzǔ divide into groups
預測 预测 yūcè calculate, forecast
一同 一同 yītóng together
密集 密集 mìjí concentrated, crowded together
代替 代替 dàitì fill in, replace, supply, supersede, replacement, substitute for, surrogate, oust, substitute, stand_in, stand in, cover, supplant, take the place of, fill_in, sub
凡是 凡是 fánshì conj.: whatever
開辦 开办 kāibàn open, set up, start (business/etc.)
意志 意志 yìzhì volition, will, zap, determination, pleasure, heart, willpower
創造力 创造力 chuàngzàolì imagination, creativeness, creative power, numen, device, creativity, Shakti, originality, ability, ingenuity, creative ability, wallop, creative power/ability
開辦 开办 kāibàn open, set up, start (business/etc.)
cāi guess, conjecture, speculation, suspect, put_on, speculate
晚間 晚间 wǎnjiān (in the) evening, night, in the evening, evening, (at) night, at night
密集 密集 mìjí concentrated, crowded together
掙扎 挣扎 zhēngzhá pull, buffet, flounder, labour, scrabble, struggle, worry, twist, grapple, tug, baffle, touse, wallow, flounce, writhe, welter, agonize
píng cruse, flask, vase, bottle, ninepin, jug, jar, pot, ampulla, m.[container],
美金 美金 měijīn buck, dollar, U.S. dollar
scrape, scoop up, scoop, pick, excavate, excavation, grub, lift out, take up, scoop out, dig, grave
投手 投手 tóushǒu pitcher, twirler, hurler, caster, bowler
guī return ... to, put in sb.'s charge, take refuge, turn over to, return sth. to, come together, belong, give back to, marry, converge, return, take refuge (in Buddha/etc.), go back to
發明 发明 fāmíng invent, expound
分組 分组 fēnzǔ divide into groups
考察 考察 kǎochá inspect, make on-the-spot investigation, observe and study
驚訝 惊讶 jīngyà amazed, astounded
聽眾 听众 tīngzhòng auditor, listener, hearer, audience, auditory, gallery, listeners
驚訝 惊讶 jīngyà amazed, astounded
不可以 不可以 bùkěyǐ cannot, should not, must not
考察 考察 kǎochá inspect, make on-the-spot investigation, observe and study
外國人 外国人 wàiguórén tramontane, gaijin, outlander, foreigner, alien, stranger, foriegner, uitlander, noncitizen, malihini
工資 工资 gōngzī earning, hire, remuneration, screw, laborage, pay, paycheck, wages, earnings, pay_packet, salary, wage_scale, differential, wage
平台 平台 píngtái patio, terrace, hathpace, platform
模樣 模样 móyàng sign, air, aspect, form, look, front, appearance, shape, suggestion
說到 说到 shuōdào touch_on, touch on, mention, refer to
遙遠 遥远 yáoyuǎn distant, faraway, remote
豪華 豪华 háohuá luxurious, sumptuous
jiāo associate with, make friends, fall in with, mate
心力 心力 xīnlì study, mental and physical efforts, mental and physical effort, work
決賽 决赛 juésài runoff, fight-off, cup_final, playoff, cup final, match_game, finals, final, run-off
shèng leave, be left (over), surplus, remnant, be left, remain
安慰 安慰 ānwèi comfort, console
安慰 安慰 ānwèi comfort, console
取向 取向 qǔxiàng orientation
兩性 两性 liǎngxìng amphiprotic, hermaphroditic, both sexes, bi, amphoteric
度過 度过 dùguò pass, spend (time/etc.)
particle: formed by linking syllable ending in u-sound and the final particle a
哈哈 哈哈 hāhā sound of laughter, haha
笑容 笑容 xiàoróng grinning, smiling expression, laugh, smiling, a smile, a smiling face, smile, grin
專用 专用 zhuānyòng use for special purpose
把握 把握 bǎwò grasp firmly
擴張 扩张 kuòzhāng expand, enlarge, extend, dilate
zài transport, fill
傷心 伤心 shāngxīn injure, offend, broken-hearted, be sad, pierce, hurt, grieved, sad, spite, aggrieve, grieve, be grieved, sadden, smart, wound
jìn to the greatest extent, utmost
疑問 疑问 yíwèn interrogation, enquiry, question, interrogatory, demand, dubiousness, inquiry, interrogative, interrogative mood, doubtfulness, query, quaere, doubt
遵守 遵守 zūnshǒu honour, comply with, obey, keep, hold back, abide, keep back, comply, observe, abide_by, observance, abide by, respect, restrain, honor
介面 介面 jièmiàn interface
共和國 共和国 gònghéguó commonweal, commonwealth, republic
下雨 下雨 xiàyǔ rain
感受 感受 gǎnshòu be affected by, experience, feel
擴張 扩张 kuòzhāng expand, enlarge, extend, dilate
示範 示范 shìfàn demonstrate, exemplify, exhibit
大戰 大战 dàzhàn war, world war
定位 定位 dìngwèi orientate
liàng bright, light, loud and clear
示範 示范 shìfàn demonstrate, exemplify, exhibit
間接 间接 jiànjiē collaterally, indirect, collateral, indirectly, roundabout, secondhand
偵辦 侦办 zhēnbàn investigate (crime)
特有 特有 tèyǒu characteristic, especial
消除 消除 xiāochú smooth, lull, removal, cancel, eradicate, rase, to clear up, turn back, counteract, iron_out, wipe, drive off, abate, die, eliminate, drive away, obviate, avoid, exorcise, chase away, wipe out, annihilate, run off, unblock, drive out, stamp out, kill, lift, disarm, get rid of, slake, rid of, decimate, to remove, demagnetize, undo, to clear, sublate, carry off, blue-pencil, exterminate, sa
區分 区分 qūfēn section, demarcate, compart, sectionalize, zone, screen, compartmentalize, individuate, differentiation, distinguish, mark off, secern, district, segment, separate, mark, sieve, differentiate, mark out, classify, divide, ramify, screen out, set apart, sort
評價 评价 píngjià estimate, diagnoses, appraisal, mark, rating, rate, value, assessment, esteem, image, estimation, valuation, appraisement, opinion, rank, remark, evaluation
發掘 发掘 fājué excavate, unearth, explore
發掘 发掘 fājué excavate, unearth, explore
外銷 外销 wàixiāo sell abroad or elsewhere within country
還可以 还可以 háikěyǐ can, may
外銷 外销 wàixiāo sell abroad or elsewhere within country
不宜 不宜 bùyí be unsuitable
不如 不如 bùrú conj.: it would be better to
隨即 随即 suíjí therewith, thereupon, presently, hereupon, soon after that, immediately
隨意 随意 suíyì as one pleases
踴躍 踊跃 yǒngyuè enthusiastical, leap, jump, eager
能量 能量 néngliàng energy, capabilities
接下來 接下来 jiēxiàlái next, immediately after
接到 接到 jiēdào welcome, receive, meet
治安 治安 zhìān peace, order, public security, police, public order, security, public order/security
指示 指示 zhǐshì directive, instructions
同步 同步 tóngbù synchronize
茶葉 茶叶 cháyè tea, tea leaf, tea leaves
piàn chisel, cozen, palter, green, cheat, slang, put one over, defraud, befool, trick, jockey, victimize, outjockey, take in, leap on a horse, gum, put on, pigeon, humbug, betray, fob, flimflam, dupe, gyp, illude, mulct, deceit, put one across, rook, gull, bunco, hoodwink, beguile, diddle, fox, bilk, swindle, cod, fool, do, nobble, sting, deceive, con
富裕 富裕 fùyū plentiful, abundant, rich
優美 优美 yōuměi graceful, exquisite
壓抑 压抑 yāyì constrain, inhibit
優美 优美 yōuměi graceful, exquisite
預料 预料 yūliào expect, predict, anticipate
預料 预料 yūliào expect, predict, anticipate
劇團 剧团 jùtuán opera troupe, theater company, showman, rep, theatrical company, troupe, company
kuà lead, go, bestride, straddle, go beyond, run, pass, extend, stride, ride, cut across, step
壓抑 压抑 yāyì constrain, inhibit
開闢 开闢 kāipì open/set up, start, build (road)
沒關係 没关系 méiguānxì it doesn't matter, never mind
機能 机能 jīnéng function
名叫 名叫 míngjiào be called, be known as
開闢 开闢 kāipì open/set up, start, build (road)
念頭 念头 niàntóu thing, purport, spirit, intention, idea, vision, notion, thought, train, intent
富裕 富裕 fùyū plentiful, abundant, rich
改良 改良 gǎiliáng improve, ameliorate
改良 改良 gǎiliáng improve, ameliorate
profit, interest, advantage, benefit
核准 核准 hézhǔn check and approve, ratify
接收 接收 jiēshōu receive, take over (property/etc.)
核准 核准 hézhǔn check and approve, ratify
接收 接收 jiēshōu receive, take over (property/etc.)
相似 相似 xiāngsì resemblance, alike, be alike, be similar/alike, match, be similar, resemble
wén smell
貧窮 贫穷 pínqióng poor, needy
動物園 动物园 dòngwùyuán zoological_garden, zoo, zoological garden, menagerie
接近 接近 jiējìn intimate, close
饿 è starve
qiáo look at, lay eyes on, behold, see, look, glaum, regard
諸如 诸如 zhūrú such as, all are alike
分公司 分公司 fēngōngsī branch
總統府 总统府 zǒngtǒngfǔ The Office of the President
同情 同情 tóngqíng sympathize with
貧窮 贫穷 pínqióng poor, needy
鎮公所 镇公所 zhèngōngsuǒ town_hall, public affairs office of town, town hall, townhouse, tolbooth
沙漠 沙漠 shāmò desert
放下 放下 fàngxià set_down, set down, lay/put down, lay, lower, lay_down, draw, lay down, dismount, put_down, plank, drop_away, deposit, digress, drop_off, depose, put down, place down
音色 音色 yīnsè tone color, clang, speech, colour, tone, timbre, quality, timber, color
相較 相较 xiāngjiào compare
tuō pull, drag, haul
好友 好友 hǎoyǒu peer, chum, crony, great friend, good friend, brick
drop, absorption, absorb, draw to oneself, sip, breathe in, attraction, suck, suck up, sup, draw_in, puff, drink, inhale, attract, inhaust
同情 同情 tóngqíng sympathize with
走勢 走势 zǒushì alignment, run, tendency, trend
西洋 西洋 xīyáng West, New World, the Western world, the West, occident, western hemisphere
書目 书目 shūmù booklist, bibliography, title catalogue, bibliology
資本主義 资本主义 zīběnzhǔyì capitalistic, capitalist economy, capitalism
zēng add, increase, rise, gain
歷程 历程 lìchéng appendage, kinetics, process, journey, course, outgrowth
濃厚 浓厚 nónghòu thick, strong, dense, rich, pronounced
失業 失业 shīyè lose one's job; be out of work
視野 视野 shìyě visual_field, eyeshot, view, ken, horizon, visual field, field of regard, purview, field of view, coast, sight, eyesight, field of vision, field, sight-shot, eyereach
永恆 永恒 yǒnghéng eternalize, perpetual, eternize, eternal
同志 同志 tóngzhì brother, pal, chum, crony, coterie, confrere, colleague, frater, tovarisch, compeer, paisano, brotherhood, copemate, brethren, sidekick, fellow, buddy, tavarish, comrade
中年 中年 zhōngnián middle age
極了 极了 jíle5 extremely, very
清大 清大 qīngdà National Tsing Hua University
記錄 记录 jìlù record
風味 风味 fēngwèi race, gust, special flavour, savor, flavor, savour, local color, relish, sapor, spice, tasting, local colour, smack, gusto, snack, savoriness, special flavor, flavorsomeness, zest, taste
合格 合格 hégé measure_up, reach standard, measure up, qualify, nail, make it, pass, qualified
身子 身子 shēnzi5 body
百姓 百姓 bǎixìng common_people, civvy, vulgus, crowd, common people, husbandman
太空 太空 tàikōng firmament, outer space
大力 大力 dàlì vigorously, energetically
勉強 勉强 miǎnqiǎng do with difficulty
外來 外来 wàilái foreign, adventive, externally, incoming, external, outside, exotic
失業 失业 shīyè lose one's job; be out of work
生病 生病 shēngbìng come down, ail, fall ill, traik, sick, sicken
鋼琴 钢琴 gāngqín forte-piano, piano, pianoforte
號碼 号码 hàomǎ pressmark, call mark, identification number, (serial) number, call number, no., number
lìng conj.: in addition, besides
口味 口味 kǒuwèi a person's taste, flavor of food
天生 天生 tiānshēng inbred, born
回頭 回头 huítóu turn one's head, turn round, repent
心想 心想 xīnxiǎng think, assume
包裝 包装 bāozhuāng package, packing, packaging
對待 对待 duìdài treat, approach, handle
yóu travel, rove
感激 感激 gǎnjī feel grateful/indebted
dān singly, alone
shī teacher, master
學科 学科 xuékē study, area, school subject, science, subject field, subject, course, subject area, discipline, branch of learning, course of study, field of study, branch of knowledge, field
感激 感激 gǎnjī feel grateful/indebted
弟子 弟子 dìzǐ scholar, pupil, disciple, student, follower, child, adherent, youngster
招生 招生 zhāoshēng recruit students
好人 好人 hǎorén a healthy person, good person, goodman, sb. who tries to get along with everyone, bawcock, good, agreeable individual, good egg, a person who tries to get along with everyone (oft
dào pour
prawn, seizure, seize, arrest, catch
招生 招生 zhāoshēng recruit students
zhēn needle, pin, stitch, injection, shot, acupuncture
溫度 温度 wēndù barothermohygrograph, temperature, barothermohygrogram
長久 长久 chángjiǔ permanently, long, for a long time
運動 运动 yùndòng move, turn around, arrange things through pull
焦慮 焦虑 jiāolù anxious, apprehensive
支出 支出 zhīchū defrayal, payout, outgo, outgoing, expense, disbursal, expenditure, outlay, disbursement
焦慮 焦虑 jiāolù anxious, apprehensive
上班族 上班族 shàngbānzú office worker
一律 一律 yīlù equally, without exception
轉移 转移 zhuǎnyí shift, transfer, divert, change, transform
關注 关注 guānzhù follow with interest, pay close attention to
xiǎng make a sound
黨部 党部 dǎngbù local party committee
轉移 转移 zhuǎnyí shift, transfer, divert, change, transform
yìng hard, stiff, firm, tough, obstinate
洗澡 洗澡 xǐzǎo have a bath, lave, take a bath, tub, bath, wash, bathing, bathe
關注 关注 guānzhù follow with interest, pay close attention to
老鼠 老鼠 lǎoshǔ mouse, rat
昂貴 昂贵 ángguì cost, costly, expensive
決議 决议 juéyì resolution
動員 动员 dòngyuán mobilize, arouse
在場 在场 zàichǎng present, be present, be on the spot, stand_by, spot, be on the scene
兼顧 兼顾 jiāngù take account of, give consideration to, deal with two or more things
相比 相比 xiāngbǐ liken, equate, compare, comparison
後果 后果 hòuguǒ aftereffect, aftermath, consequent, wake, backwash, sequel, consequence, subsequence
混合 混合 hùnhé associate, immingle, muddle, incorporate, mixed, meld, confect, amalgamate, blend in, fuse, interblend, hybrid, admix, mingle, wuzzle, mix, shuffle, mercurify, engraft, concoct, interlace, interweave, immix, go, interfuse, mix_up, sophisticate, marry, combine, mix in, conflate, merge, intermix, jumble, commingle, decompound, intermingle, knead, coalesce, interflow, compound, commix, blend,
動員 动员 dòngyuán mobilize, arouse
陰影 阴影 yīnyǐng umbrage, shadow, shadiness, hatching, spectre, hatch, blight, umbra, penumbra, cloud, umber, shade, shadowiness
海峽 海峡 hǎixiá narrow, channel, straits, gullet, sound, strait, gut
幻想 幻想 huànxiǎng imagine, daydream, reverie, stargaze, fantasticate, fancify, dream, visionary, fancy, illusion, fantasize, chimerical, woolgather, illusory, fantasy
劇場 剧场 jùchǎng theater
衡量 衡量 héngliáng weigh, measure, judge
頻率 频率 pínlù relative frequency, frequency, periodicity
衡量 衡量 héngliáng weigh, measure, judge
親切 亲切 qīnqiè cordial, genial, warm
lán blue
大膽 大胆 dàdǎn courageous, audacious, venture
議會 议会 yìhuì Sanhedrin, general assembly, Cortes, Knesset, diet, senate, Majlis, duma, law-makers, forum, junta, parliament, legislature, meeting place, parliamentary, assembly, president, house, legislative assembly
語意 语意 yǔyì semantic
主因 主因 zhǔyīn main reason, major cuase
團員 团员 tuányuán member (of delegation/organization/etc.)
親切 亲切 qīnqiè cordial, genial, warm
shì generation, life, lifetime, age, era, epoch, world, Surname
激動 激动 jīdòng boil, tingle, kindle, seethe, toss, inflammatory, tizz, excited, fire, throb, carry_away, ferment, effervesce, stirred, bespirit, heat, agitation, hound, agitate, invigorate, burnt, actuate, inflame, stir, agitated, excite, move, impassion
村民 村民 cūnmín village, villager, cottager
tóu heave, agree with, throw, drop, mail, join, toss, go to, cater to, lodge, send, put into, fit in with, flip, peck, pitch, hurtle, betoss, project, deliver, stay, sky, post, cast, delivery, throw into, throw oneself into, hurl, fling, poll, vote
jiāo hand over, deliver
guān government official, officeholder
次數 次数 cìshù number of times, frequancy, frequency, absolute frequency, legal case, oftenness, lawsuit, time, frequence
恐怖 恐怖 kǒngbù fearful, horrible
恐怖 恐怖 kǒngbù fearful, horrible
ruò infirm, a little less than, young, inferior, weak, a bit less than, feeble
屋頂 屋顶 wūdǐng roofing, rigging, rooftree, cap, roof top, house top, rooftop, attic, roof, housetop
迷宮 迷宫 mígōng inner ear, maze, labyrinth, internal ear
批判 批判 pīpàn criticize
民生 民生 mínshēng the people's livelihood, people's livelihood
規畫 规画 guīhuà plan, program
wéi only, alone, but
gǎn feel, sense, move, touch, be affected (by cold)
shǎng admire, enjoy
綠色 绿色 lùsè verdure, green, greenness, green color, verdancy, bice, virescence, vert, pistachio, viridity
遺憾 遗憾 yíhàn regret, pity
遺憾 遗憾 yíhàn regret, pity
靈活 灵活 línghuó nimble, agile, flexible, elastic
內閣 内阁 nèigé cabinet
山區 山区 shānqū mountain area
做成 做成 zuòchéng put, form, crimp, accomplish, successfully complete, model
觀光客 观光客 guānguāngkè rubberneck, dude, tripper, traveler, excursionist, visitant, holidaymaker, tourist, tourism, sightseer
chū go/come out, exit
老先生 老先生 lǎoxiānshēng deary, dearie, old gentleman
靈活 灵活 línghuó nimble, agile, flexible, elastic
研習 研习 yánxí examine and study
周邊 周边 zhōubiān circumference, computer peripheral, environs, peripheral device, precinct, peripheral, periphery, perimeter
希臘 希腊 xīlà Ellas, Hellas, Greece, Greek
姓名 姓名 xìngmíng surname and personal name, name, full name
抓住 抓住 zhuāzhù clutch, grip, grab, kep, nail, grapple, get_hold_of, catch, seize hold of, take_hold_of, grip sb.'s attention, cleek, grasp, hold, nab, seize, tackle, capture, snatch, take, take hold of, prehend, catch hold of, glaum, hold on
合適 合适 héshì set, fit, accommodate, befit, suitable, right, appropriate, belong, beseem, becoming, suit
老百姓 老百姓 lǎobǎixìng plebe, populace, mister, civilians, roturier, ordinary people, common people
再見 再见 zàijiàn good-bye, see you again
指責 指责 zhǐzé censure, criticize
限於 限于 xiànyū be confined, restrict, be limited to, be confined to, limited to
研習 研习 yánxí examine and study
車禍 车祸 chēhuò smash-up, road accident, traffic accident
曝光 曝光 pùguāng expose
優惠 优惠 yōuhuì give preferential/special treatment
無意 无意 wúyì have no intention, not be inclined to, have no intention to
優惠 优惠 yōuhuì give preferential/special treatment
zhàng rise, go up (of water/prices/etc.)
實務 实务 shíwù matter-of-factness
潛能 潜能 qiánnéng latent, possibility, latent energy, potency, ability, latent ability, ergal, potentiality, latent energy/ability, potential
聞名 闻名 wénmíng known, famous, know sb. by repute, be familiar with sb.'s name, well-known, famed
squeeze, press
說完 说完 shuōwán after saying something
歹徒 歹徒 dǎitú evildoer, ruffian, scoundrel
職位 职位 zhíwèi slot, appointment, character, berth, post, archbishopric, job, ministry, situation, office, position, spot, billet, place, posting
排列 排列 páiliè arrange, put in order
曝光 曝光 pùguāng expose
師資 师资 shīzī persons qualifies to teach, teachers, person qualified to teach
菲律賓 菲律宾 fēilùbīn ylang-ylang, Philippine Islands, Philippine, Philippines
媽祖 妈祖 māzǔ a deity of China
名義 名义 míngyì title, name
客氣 客气 kèqì be polite, stand on ceremony
服飾 服饰 fúshì neckline, attire, furnishings, costume, dress, trappings, finery, rig-out, apparel, dress and personal adornment
āi dissatisfaction, of surprise, swounds, warning
恐嚇 恐吓 kǒnghè threaten, intimidate
恐嚇 恐吓 kǒnghè threaten, intimidate
專心 专心 zhuānxīn occupy, immerge, pore, zoom in, concentrate, betake, dive, pay attention, concentrate effort, advert, give ear, center, rivet, concentrate one's attention, focus, hang, pay heed, devote, apply, be absorbed, be absorbed in, centre, attend
排列 排列 páiliè arrange, put in order
執政黨 执政党 zhízhèngdǎng ruling party
完畢 完毕 wánbì end, conclude, complete, completion, finish
anger, get angry
卡通 卡通 kǎtōng cartoon
犀牛 犀牛 xīnióu rhino, rhinoceros
biàn m.[activity]
誕生 诞生 dànshēng be born, come into being, emerge
誕生 诞生 dànshēng be born, come into being, emerge
出售 出售 chūshòu offer for sale, sell
用品 用品 yòngpǐn succedaneum, articles for use, replacer, substitute
欠缺 欠缺 qiànquē lack, be deficient, be short of
自由化 自由化 zìyóuhuà liberalize
住戶 住户 zhùhù denizen, resident, inhabitant, building, household, dweller
台北縣 台北县 táiběixiàn Taipei County
擺脫 摆脱 bǎituō disembroil, free oneself, cast/shake off, fling_off, break away from, shake_off, disinvolve, disentangle, shake off, shift, wangle, cast off, extricate oneself from, shake, waste, free oneself from, disburden, ditch, manage, lose, cast, unload, extricate oneself, prescind, unship, slip, wriggle, shunt
供應商 供应商 gōngyìngshāng outfitter, provide merchant
講究 讲究 jiǎngjiù be particular about, pay attention to, stress, strive for, backbite
自由化 自由化 zìyóuhuà liberalize
命令 命令 mìnglìng commend, order
伯伯 伯伯 bóbó uncle-in-law, father's elder brother, uncle
東亞 东亚 dōngyǎ East Asia
若要 若要 ruòyào conj.: if sb. want...
笑話 笑话 xiàohuà joke, jest
xiōng thorax, pectus, pectoral, heart, chest, petto, bosom, breast, mind, bust
被害人 被害人 bèihàirén injured party, dupe, the injured party, victim
啟用 启用 qǐyòng start using/hiring
拿來 拿来 nálái bring, take something for, fetch
帶回 带回 dàihuí bring, bring_back, take back
啟用 启用 qǐyòng start using/hiring
必需 必需 bìxū need
配置 配置 pèizhì dispose (troops/etc.), deploy
輔仁 辅仁 fǔrén FuJen Catholic University
提早 提早 tízǎo earlier than planned or expected, in advance, shift to an earlier time
溫柔 温柔 wēnróu gentle and soft
溫柔 温柔 wēnróu gentle and soft
談判 谈判 tánpàn negociate, treat, talks, negotiation, negotiate, talk terms, parley, palaver, negotiations, imparl
頭痛 头痛 tóutòng worry, have a headache
上級 上级 shàngjí higher level/authority
一度 一度 yīdù once
配置 配置 pèizhì dispose (troops/etc.), deploy
諸多 诸多 zhūduō det.: a good deal, a lot of
電動 电动 diàndòng electric
助益 助益 zhùyì good, benefit, help and profit
公職 公职 gōngzhí public office/employment
冷靜 冷静 lěngjìng sober, calm
guǐ sinister plot, apparition, dirty trick, sprite, spook, spectre, revenant, spirit, wraith, genie, bogle, specter, ghost
冷靜 冷静 lěngjìng sober, calm
合唱團 合唱团 héchàngtuán choir, chorus, ensemble, glee club
求學 求学 qiúxué study, attend school
求學 求学 qiúxué study, attend school
重量 重量 zhòngliàng avoirdupois weight, weight, ponderousness, heaviness, loading, heft, ponderosity, avoirdupois, heftiness, massiveness, gravity, lading
長榮 长荣 chángróng Evergreen Group
陌生 陌生 mòshēng strange, unfamiliar
通路 通路 tōnglù lane, runway, corridor, adit, passageway, gateway, road, thoroughfare, way, routeway, laneway, aisle, route, avenue, inlet, approach, door, entry, access, boulevard
國父 国父 guófù founding_father, Father of the Republic, father of a nation, father of the republic, Father of the Republic (Sun Yatsen)
目錄 目录 mùlù beadroll, docket, catalog, contents, listing, catalogue, directory, muster, list, table of contents, bill, inventory, tabulation, cataloguer, table, cataloger, tabular matter, schedule
bài defeat, fail, lose, counteract, be defeated, beat, spoil, decay, wither
考古 考古 kǎogǔ engage in archaeological studies
高等 高等 gāoděng higher, advanced
電訊 电讯 diànxùn telegraph, telecommunications, telecommunication, flash, telegraphic dispatch
遭遇 遭遇 zāoyū meet with, encounter
gǎn run after, pursue
台灣省 台湾省 táiwānshěng Taiwan
體質 体质 tǐzhí habit, constitution, crasis, habitus, health, habitude, physique
考慮到 考虑到 kǎolùdào weigh, consider, count, think over
途中 途中 túzhōng en route
考古 考古 kǎogǔ engage in archaeological studies
決議 决议 juéyì resolve, decide
記載 记载 jìzài put down in writing, record
施政 施政 shīzhèng govern, administer
jiǎo horn, bugle, sth. horn-shaped
先行 先行 xiānxíng beforehand, first, in advance, in_advance
美感 美感 měigǎn estheticism, aesthetic perception, perception, sense of beauty, aesthetic feeling/perception, beauty, aesthetic feeling
施政 施政 shīzhèng govern, administer
tiāo pluck, provoking, stir up, choose, incite, instigation, lance, shoulder, push sth. up, selection, carry on both ends of shoulder pole, push ... up with a pole or stick, choice, defy, prick, raise, instigate, poke, provocation, plunk, select, carry on the shoulder with a pole, push/poke sth. up, poke sth. up, pick, push, provoke
姿態 姿态 zītài mannerism, set, stance, pose, attitude, affectation, port, shadow, likeness, carriage, posture, position, movement, gesture, tournure, sort
青春 青春 qīngchūn springtime, flower, prime, juvenility, youthfulness, one's youth, young adulthood, youth, prime of life, youthhood, juvenescence, may
攤販 摊贩 tānfàn street peddler
日漸 日渐 rìjiàn with each passing day, day by day, gradually
圖片 图片 túpiàn pictorial matter, picture, photograph, pic, artwork
衛生局 卫生局 wèishēngjú Department of Health
彌補 弥补 míbǔ supply, atone, make_up, renew, make up, remedy, redeem, make good, compensate, recuperate, counterbalance
獨自 独自 dúzì unaccompanied, solely, by oneself, alone
夥伴 夥伴 huǒbàn feller, brother, associate, coagent, gentry, chum, crony, butty, mate, lad, companionate, cooperator, helpmeet, pard, haver, coachfellow, sidekick, campmate, rival, consort, coadjutor, associator, number, pal, teammate, cully, coterie, supporter, gang, adherent, collaborator, gossip, companion, compadre, compeer, paisano, matey, hearty, copemate, cocker, helpmate, bedfellow, marrow, cobber,
zhèng straight, upright, central, honest, just, unbiased
回歸 回归 huíguī reunification, return, regressive, regress
分開 分开 fēnkāi rive, uncouple, unyoke, divaricate, detach, disjoint, cleave, shift, break_up, cut, segregate, isolate, divorce, severalize, unclasp, divide, dissever, disjoin, break, come off, demarcate, fork, sever, sequester, disconnect, part, come away, sunder, break up, keep apart, separate, diverge, branch, set_off, ramify, split, sequestrate, untwine, separation, set apart, parcel
難題 难题 nántí problem, Gordian knot, grief, sticker, question, enigma, difficult problem, puzzler, spinosity, stickler, a hard nut to crack, puzzle, toughie, poser, difficulty, crux, nut, challenge, tickler, conundrum, knot, hump, knottiness, stinker, puzzlement, teaser, stumper, twister
羅馬 罗马 luómǎ Babylon, Rome, capital of Italy, Roma, Italian capital, Eternal City
明亮 明亮 míngliàng brighten, well-lit, shining, bright
談話 谈话 tánhuà talk, speech
cáng lay by, concealment, conceal, hide, store
個體 个体 gètǐ unit, individual, individuality
順序 顺序 shùnxù system, method, taxis, gradation, consecution, succession, order, ranking, rota, sequence, orderliness, turn
助教 助教 zhùjiào demonstrator, teaching assistant, assistant, tutor
前述 前述 qiánshù above-mentioned
帝國 帝国 dìguó Reich, imperial, empery, empire
特地 特地 tèdì purposely, specially, on purpose
執照 执照 zhízhào endorsement, charter, countenance, imprimatur, permit, warrant, sanction, qualification, certificate, licence, license
名為 名为 míngwéi be called, be known as
部會 部会 bùhuì organization of government
新聞局 新闻局 xīnwénjú Government Information Office
新生 新生 xīnshēng new student
萬物 万物 wànwù all things on earth, myriads of things, creation, all living things, universe, all nature
悲劇 悲剧 bēijù tragedy
早日 早日 zǎorì at an early date, early, soon
離去 离去 líqù leave
人選 人选 rénxuǎn choice among persons
電視台 电视台 diànshìtái television station, station, spreader, broadcaster, TV station
親戚 亲戚 qīnqī belongings, relation, kinswoman, kinsman, kith, kindred, cousinry, sib, ally, relative, relatives, kin, connection, kinsfolk, cousin
營業額 营业额 yíngyèé turnover, business volume
彰化 彰化 zhānghuà Chang-hwa (a county in Taiwan)
zhí nature, character, temperament, quality, matter, substance
一點兒 一点儿 yīdiǎnēr det.: a little bit
水源 水源 shuǐyuán headwaters, waterhead, source of water
主流 主流 zhǔliú main stream/current, essential/main aspect/trend
藝術品 艺术品 yìshùpǐn work of art
離去 离去 líqù leave
薪水 薪水 xīnshuǐ stipend, emolument, remuneration, screw, pay, wages, earnings, fee, compensation, pay_packet, salary, wage, living
觀測 观测 guāncè observe, survey
愛滋病 爱滋病 àizībìng acquired immune deficiency syndrome, AIDS
簡介 简介 jiǎnjiè brief introduction, synopsis
觀測 观测 guāncè observe, survey
光線 光线 guāngxiàn ray_of_light, shaft, beam, beam of light, radiation, light beam, sunray, light, lighting, ray, ray of light, shaft of light
範疇 范畴 fànchóu category
色情 色情 sèqíng sexy, eroticism, sex, pornographic, pornography, porn, coprology, porno, salacity
幅度 幅度 fúdù amplitude, breadth, extent, spread, range, spectrum, scope
夜間部 夜间部 yèjiānbù night division (school/college/etc.)
佛陀 佛陀 fótuó Gautama Buddha, Siddhartha, Gautama, Buddha, pickpocket, the Buddha
南方 南方 nánfāng S, due south, the southern part of the country, South, south, southern part of country, the South, southern
首度 首度 shǒudù first (time)
pàng fat, stout, plump
相當於 相当于 xiāngdāngyū muster, be equal to, equivalent, amount
láng wolf, greedy and cruel person
秘密 秘密 mìmì secret
商場 商场 shāngchǎng department store, bazar, line of business, field of operation, grocery store, emporium, bazaar, grocery, mall, commercial circle, field, market
海軍 海军 hǎijūn marine, naval, admiralty, jolly, navy
xún try to find, look for, seek, search
鄉村 乡村 xiāngcūn country, countryside, campong, rural, rural area, village, Kampong, hamlet
花錢 花钱 huāqián spend money
a moment ago, just now
煩惱 烦恼 fánnǎo vexation
逮捕 逮捕 dǎibǔ make an arrest
逮捕 逮捕 dǎibǔ make an arrest
開設 开设 kāishè open (shop/etc.), offer (course/etc.)
廁所 厕所 cèsuǒ john, W.C., can, jakes, lavatory, lav, cloaca, crapper, privy, water closet, bathroom, bog, washroom, closet, convenience, stool, rear, latrine, loo, facility, toilet, John, cloakroom
繁殖 繁殖 fánzhí breed, reproduce, propagate
融合 融合 rónghé mix together, fuse, stick together
漁船 渔船 yūchuán fisherman, fishermen, fisherboat, fisher, fishing boat, wherry
繁殖 繁殖 fánzhí breed, reproduce, propagate
liú Liu, Surname
下令 下令 xiàlìng give orders, order, give order, call_out, appoint, prescribe, call out, dictate
生動 生动 shēngdòng lively, moving, vivid, lifelike
融合 融合 rónghé mix together, fuse, stick together
老太太 老太太 lǎotàitài old lady, your (my/his/etc.) mother
成長率 成长率 chéngzhǎnglù rate of increase, increase, increment, rate of growth, growth rate
老是 老是 lǎoshì always
zhōu m.[standard]
開設 开设 kāishè open (shop/etc.), offer (course/etc.)
kàng combat, defy, campaign, be a match for, agitate, be match for, contend with, resistance, resist, push, fight, refuse, refusal, crusade
看好 看好 kànhǎo believe something/someone will be worthy in the future
阿拉伯 阿拉伯 ālābó Arab, Arabian, Arabic
紀念 纪念 jìniàn commemoration, souvenir
長達 长达 chángdá lengthen out to
所屬 所属 suǒshǔ subsidiary
馬祖 马祖 mǎzǔ Matsu
真相 真相 zhēnxiàng fact, bottom, low-down, the real facts, dinkum, truth, real/true situation, size, score, real, lowdown, real situation, the real facts/truth, verity, the actual state of affairs, true situation, the real truth, the real situation
妥善 妥善 tuǒshàn appropriate, proper
編目 编目 biānmù catalogue
開創 开创 kāichuàng start, initiate
模特兒 模特儿 mótèēr poser, artist's model, model
圖騰 图腾 túténg totem
辦公 办公 bàngōng work (usu. in an office), transact, work, handle official business
chí late
編目 编目 biānmù catalogue
線路 线路 xiànlù wiring, line, route, circuit
刊物 刊物 kānwù publication, periodical
而後 而后 érhòu thereafter
人潮 人潮 réncháo stream of people
聲明 声明 shēngmíng statement, pronouncement
動手 动手 dòngshǒu attack, get to work, hit out, begin, strike, hit, start work, handle, raise a hand to strike, fall, start action, touch
gòu buy
dàn clump, egg, lump, bunch, an egg-shaped thing
薪資 薪资 xīnzī salary, wages
好吃 好吃 hǎochī delicious, good to eat, tasty, enjoy eating good food, gluttonous
開創 开创 kāichuàng start, initiate
定居 定居 dìngjū settle down
被告 被告 bèigào tenant, indictee, accused, respondent, defendant, suspect, the accused, appellee
安靜 安静 ānjìng lull, quieten, quiesce, dummy, quiet down, quiet, hush, pipe down, peaceful
災難 灾难 zāinàn affliction, tragedy, adversity, catastrophe, wo, misadventure, calamitous, mishap, bad luck, tribulation, smashup, cataclysm, trouble, mischance, disaster, mucker, fate, calamity, scourge, plague, infliction, visitation, misfortune, casualty, suffering, melt-down
交談 交谈 jiāotán converse, chat
定居 定居 dìngjū settle down
同業 同业 tóngyè fraternity, person of same business, person of same trade/business, sodality, brotherhood, same trade/business, brethren, craft, trade, same trade, business, person of same trade, faculty, same business
住宿 住宿 zhùsù stay, put up, get accommodations
缺少 缺少 quēshǎo lack, be short of
何必 何必 hébì why must...?, there is no need
住宿 住宿 zhùsù stay, put up, get accommodations
交談 交谈 jiāotán converse, chat
便當 便当 biàndāng take-out food, box lunch/dinner, fast food, boxed meal, box lunch, bento
抽煙 抽烟 chōuyān smoke (pipe/etc.)
如同 如同 rútóng like
領隊 领队 lǐngduì leader of a group/team/etc.
進出 进出 jìnchū go in and out
jiǎn knock_down, derogate, cut, lessen, reduce, subtraction, diminish, reduction, decrease, dwindle, subtract, minus, deduct
新娘 新娘 xīnniáng bride
圖案 图案 túàn miniature, device, pattern, illumination, emblem, embossment, design, imprint, cutout, designing, type
腳踏車 脚踏车 jiǎotàchē machine, bicycle, cyclist, push-bike, cycle, motorcycle, bike, scooter, velocipede
頻繁 频繁 pínfán frequent, often
luò come down, have, remain where one is, go under, leave behind, lower, decline, stay behind, lag behind, dip, precipitate, go down, be missing, fall/leave/stay behind, belong to, set (of sun), drop, ebb (of tide), set, receive, set down, drop behind, light, rest with, obtain, fall, leave/stay behind, fall onto, turn over to, fall behind, sink, get, ebb, land, leave out
進出 进出 jìnchū go in and out
電梯 电梯 diàntī lift, elevator
學分 学分 xuéfēn point, semester hour, course credit, credit
實習 实习 shíxí practice, do fieldwork
支撐 支撑 zhīchēng prop up, sustain, support
母語 母语 mǔyǔ maternal language, mother_tongue, parent language, first language, vulgate, mother tongue
bāo wrap, surround, encircle, envelop, include, contain, undertake the whole thing, assure, guarantee
補習班 补习班 bǔxíbān cram school, continuation class, crammer
實習 实习 shíxí practice, do fieldwork
吃完 吃完 chīwán finish eating
鄉下 乡下 xiāngxià country, countryside, rural, village, province, country(side), mofussil, back_country
交大 交大 jiāodà National Chiao Tung University
放寬 放宽 fàngkuān relax restrictions, ease, let out (e.g., dress)
放寬 放宽 fàngkuān relax restrictions, ease, let out (e.g., dress)
既有 既有 jìyǒu established, intrinsic, inherent, conventional, innate
研討 研讨 yántǎo deliberate, discuss
抽象 抽象 chōuxiàng abstract
研討 研讨 yántǎo deliberate, discuss
高山 高山 gāoshān jebel, high mountain, mountain, alp, mount, ben
假設 假设 jiǎshè suppose, assume, presume
販賣 贩卖 fànmài peddle, sell
piào m.[general]
販賣 贩卖 fànmài peddle, sell
國土 国土 guótǔ territorial dominion, state, country, colony, soil, nation, realm, soli, province, territory, mandate, dominion, land
piào m.[general]
無線電 无线电 wúxiàndiàn radio
各式各樣 各式各样 gèshìgèyàng various, kinds, sundry, all sorts, assorted
前言 前言 qiányán lead, introduction, preface, preamble, lead-in, front matter, prelims, prelim, premise, prelude, earlier remarks, foreword, prolusion, front_matter, prologue, induction
工商 工商 gōngshāng industrial and commercial circles, business circles, industry and commerce
激發 激发 jīfā spark, incite, suggest, explode, excitation, foster, motivate, arouse, stir, draw on, set off, energize, excite, stimulation, stimulate
學歷 学历 xuélì education, record of formal schooling, antecedents
趣味 趣味 qùwèi playfulness, merriment, savor, camp, interest, salt, delight, savour, liking, fun, gout, preference, spice, lust, gusto, palate, taste, delectation
天堂 天堂 tiāntáng paradise, heaven
提倡 提倡 tíchàng advocate, encourage, recommend
總裁 总裁 zǒngcái head examiner, director-general, president, governor
分數 分数 fēnshù point, score, mark, grade, fraction, football score, numeric
上山 上山 shàngshān go up a hill, go to the mountains
shī fail to achieve one's end, deviate from the normal, loss, let slip, miss, lose, fumble
肌膚 肌肤 jīfū skin
bīng fighter, troops, armed force, arms, dogface, pawn in Ch. chess, military, weapons, private, soldier, ranker, joe, army, pawn, rank-and-file soldier
提倡 提倡 tíchàng advocate, encourage, recommend
啤酒 啤酒 píjiǔ malt liquor, malt, suds, nappy, wallop, beery, malt_liquor, stout, barley-bree, brewage, beer
公開賽 公开赛 gōngkāisài open
信用 信用 xìnyòng honour, trustfulness, confidence, trustingness, trustworthiness, repute, affiance, credit, reposal, trust, tick, reputation, credence, jawbone, honor
measure out, conjecture, measure, infer, survey, fathom
提案 提案 tíàn motion, proposal, draft resolution
cùn m.[standard]
批評 批评 pīpíng criticism
尾巴 尾巴 yǐba5 appendage, a person shadowing sb., stern, tail-like part, servile adherent, tail
風潮 风潮 fēngcháo agitation, unrest
xīng star, heavenly body
迷信 迷信 míxìn have blind faith in, make fetish of
articulation, utter, ptyalize, puke, articulate, vomit, spin, spew, tell, give up unwillingly, spit, speak out, spit up, disgorge, expectorate, cough up, spue, gob, throw up, say, cough out
tiě shovel, smoothing iron, iron, ferrous, arms, Surname, Fe, ferrum, spade, weapon
重心 重心 zhòngxīn focus, fulcrum, heart, focusing, focussing, barycenter, centroid, centre of gravity, centering, centre_of_gravity, center of gravity, center_of_gravity, core
迷信 迷信 míxìn have blind faith in, make fetish of
海拔 海拔 hǎibá natural elevation, ALT, height above sea level, altitude, sea_level, height, EL, above sea level, sea level, elevation
眾生 众生 zhòngshēng all living creatures
míng know, distinct, obvious, open, understand, clear, overt, bright
徵收 征收 zhēngshōu levy, collect
變更 变更 biàngēng change, modify
尊敬 尊敬 zūnjìng respect, honor, esteem
徵收 征收 zhēngshōu levy, collect
線條 线条 xiàntiáo line (in drawing, bar, etc.), printing, line (in drawing/printing/etc.), contour, lines, striation, stria, line, trace, streak, tracing
瘋狂 疯狂 fēngkuáng insane, frenzied, unbridled
瘋狂 疯狂 fēngkuáng insane, frenzied, unbridled
總共 总共 zǒnggòng in all, all told, altogether
尊敬 尊敬 zūnjìng respect, honor, esteem
人家 人家 rénjiā sb. else, I (used by females)
元素 元素 yuánsù element
yǒng perpetually, forever, always
共產黨 共产党 gòngchǎndǎng Red, Communist Party, Communist party
共產主義 共产主义 gòngchǎnzhǔyì Marxism, bolshevism, Marxism-Leninism, Leninism, Sovietism, communism, sovietism, collectivism, Bolshevism
加速 加速 jiāsù acceleratedly
鏡子 镜子 jìngzi5 looking_glass, gaper, looking glass, mirror, spectacles, glass, glasses
絲毫 丝毫 sīháo scintilla, shred, shadow, vestige, det.: in the slightest amount, degree
職棒 职棒 zhíbàng Professional Baseball League
巡迴 巡迴 xúnhuí tour, make circuit of
自治 自治 zìzhì self-govern, autonomic
自治 自治 zìzhì self-govern, autonomic
終場 终场 zhōngcháng finis, end of performance, closing curtain, final period, finale, final session in an examination
tóng with, for
技藝 技艺 jìyì mechanical arts, science, feat, skill, craft, craftsmanship, artistry, craftship, workmanship
西班牙 西班牙 xībānyá Spanish, Spain, Hispania, dago, Hispanist, Espana
合乎 合乎 héhū conform with/to, accord, tally with, correspond to, accord with, conform_to, conform with, conform to, accord/tally with, to
巡迴 巡迴 xúnhuí tour, make circuit of
描寫 描写 miáoxiě describe, depict, portray
阻止 阻止 zǔzhǐ prevent, stop, prohibit
假期 假期 jiàqí season, holiday, leave, period of leave, vacation
偶像 偶像 ǒuxiàng mammet, god, Baal, hoodoo, icon, idol, image, effigy, fetich, fetish, model, graven image, matinee idol, swami, iconology, voodoo, joss, obeah, pagod, juju
描寫 描写 miáoxiě describe, depict, portray
特點 特点 tèdiǎn distinctive feature, trait, point, flavor, singularity, flavour, distinction, characteristic, excellence, speciality, specialty, idiosyncrasy, salience, distinctiveness, specialness, feature, spot, peculiarity
高血壓 高血压 gāoxiěyā high_blood_pressure, high blood pressure, hypertension
返回 返回 fǎnhuí come back, recur, turn back, come, hark back, regress, turn vehicle around, revert, come/go back, enter, return, go back, recall, take back, backtrack
阻止 阻止 zǔzhǐ prevent, stop, prohibit
懷念 怀念 huáiniàn cherish memory of, think of
錯過 错过 cuòguò pass up, muff, throw_away, lose, let slip, miss, overslip, balk, overlook, cross, pass_up, slip
器官 器官 qìguān appendage, member, variety meat, penis, apparatus, organs, organ, transplant, phallus, extremity
漁民 渔民 yūmín fisherman, peterman, fisherfolk
頭腦 头脑 tóunǎo pericranium, leader, head, noggin, brain, brains, main threads, clue, nous, loaf, bean, psyche, headpiece, mind, pate, skull
樹林 树林 shùlín forest, motte, woods, wood, planting, grove, timberland, woodland, hurst, timber
分裂 分裂 fēnliè split, divide, break up
公告 公告 gōnggào declared, placard, declare, proclaim, herald, announce, bill, decree, advertise
市面 市面 shìmiàn marketplace, business/market conditions, business, market, market condition, business conditions, market conditions
羨慕 羨慕 xiànmù admire, envy
驕傲 骄傲 jiāoào be proud, take pride in
懷念 怀念 huáiniàn cherish memory of, think of
驕傲 骄傲 jiāoào be proud, take pride in
住宅區 住宅区 zhùzháiqū community, housing_development, residential quarters, residential district, residential_area, uptown, residential area
地圖 地图 dìtú map
麻煩 麻烦 máfán trouble
長度 长度 chángdù long measure, extent, long_measure, measurement, length, yardage, longness, linear measure
leave, part from, be away from, separate
相機 相机 xiàngjī camera
duǒ m.[general]
產量 产量 chǎnliàng turnout, turnoff, outturn, capacity, output, produce, product, fruitage, throughput, fruit, production, yield, crop
高層 高层 gāocéng high-level
運算 运算 yùnsuàn count, calculate, compute
執政 执政 zhízhèng hold power, govern
海岸 海岸 hǎiàn seashore, coastal, seaside, tidewater, seacoast, shore, coast, staith, rivage, seaboard, sea, beach
jiǎ borrow, avail of
運算 运算 yùnsuàn count, calculate, compute
誠實 诚实 chéngshí honest
羨慕 羨慕 xiànmù admire, envy
執政 执政 zhízhèng hold power, govern
隔間 隔间 géjiān partition, bay, divider, compartment, alcove
唸書 唸书 niànshū read, study
院校 院校 yuànxiào colleges and institutes, educational institution, school, universities and colleges
除此之外 除此之外 chúcǐzhīwài additionally, in addition, with the exception of this, in_addition, to boot, excepting this
棒球 棒球 bàngqiú no-hitter, apple, grounder, baseball game, homer, change-up, baseball, extra innings, curve, ball game, horsehide, infielder
quān m.[activity]
weight_down, hold down, push down, compact, constrict, be getting near, suppress, squeeze, compress, risk money on, quell, bring pressure to, pull, press, keep under control, throttle, push/hold down, intimidate, scrunch, weigh down, scrouge, daunt, shelve, pigeonhole, contract, approach, keep under, push, stake, control
格外 格外 géwài piu, especially, all the more, helluva, particularly
寫信 写信 xiěxìn write a letter
對策 对策 duìcè expedient, cure, countermeasure, antidote, way to deal with a situation, countermove
及時 及时 jíshí timely, in time, promptly
種族 种族 zhǒngzú tribe, citizenry, race, nation, phyle, stem, stirp, phylon, ethnos, nationality, ethnic, folk, people, stirps, racial, ethnic group, family
分工 分工 fēngōng division of labour, divide the work
拜訪 拜访 bàifǎng pay visit, call on
前提 前提 qiántí precondition, prerequisite, reason, premiss, antecedent, stipulation, premise, presupposition, hypothesis, induction, condition
寫信 写信 xiěxìn write a letter
形狀 形状 xíngzhuàng set, figuration, physiognomy, form, appearance, shape
拜訪 拜访 bàifǎng pay visit, call on
occupy (position/place)
延長 延长 yáncháng lengthen, prolong, extend
向來 向来 xiànglái typically, heretofore, always, all along, forever
老婆 老婆 lǎopó old lady, broomstick, missis, missus, married woman, squaw, old_lady, wife
弄得 弄得 nòngde5 make_out, cause, make
服食 服食 fúshí take (medicine etc.)
拿起 拿起 náqǐ pick
指揮 指挥 zhǐhuī conduct, direct, command
宣傳 宣传 xuānchuán propagate, disseminate, give publicity to
宣傳 宣传 xuānchuán propagate, disseminate, give publicity to
指揮 指挥 zhǐhuī conduct, direct, command
要點 要点 yàodiǎn nub, head, essentials, highlight, core, effect, message, issue, detail, key strongpoint, kernel, hinge, upshot, best, capitulation, item, essential, point, salient point, substance, outline, main points, crux, essence, burden, knot, salience, pith, pivot, sum, marrow, gist
首都 首都 shǒudū capital (of country)
延長 延长 yáncháng lengthen, prolong, extend
引用 引用 yǐnyòng quote, cite, recommend, appoint
接納 接纳 jiēnà accept
條文 条文 tiáowén article, text, assize, stipulation, clause
神秘 神秘 shénmì mysterious, mystical
專線 专线 zhuānxiàn special telephone line, special telephone/etc. line, special railway/telephone/etc. line, special railway line, telephone, special railway, etc. line, line for special use
移轉 移转 yízhuǎn transfer
詞類 词类 cílèi parts of speech
憤怒 愤怒 fènnù indignant, angry
審議 审议 shěnyì deliberate
審議 审议 shěnyì deliberate
學到 学到 xuédào understudy, learn
duàn give up, cut off, break off, stop, abstain from, judge, snap, break, decide
潰瘍 溃疡 kuìyáng ulcer
移轉 移转 yízhuǎn transfer
憤怒 愤怒 fènnù indignant, angry
kǎo study, inspect, give test, inspection, give, give/take test, test, investigate, verify, take test, give or take an examination, quiz, check
情景 情景 qíngjǐng scene, sight, circumstances
協定 协定 xiédìng agreement, accord, pact
投機 投机 tóujī speculate, be opportunistic
投機 投机 tóujī speculate, be opportunistic
姿勢 姿势 zīshì mannerism, plant, poise, motion, pose, attitude, sign, affectation, port, likeness, carriage, posture, position, setup, gesticulation, gesture, seat
阿姨 阿姨 àyí aunt, child's address to woman of similar age as parents, girl, babysitter, aunty, elderly unattached woman, cr#4 eche attendant, maiden aunt, family nurse, nursery/cr#4eche attendant, nurse, mother's sister, auntie, nursery eche attendant, child's address to woman of similar age, one's mother's sister
幽默 幽默 yōumò humor
流傳 流传 liúchuán spread, circulate, hand down
幽默 幽默 yōumò humor
chí hold a particular opinion/belief/attitude
流傳 流传 liúchuán spread, circulate, hand down
接納 接纳 jiēnà accept
晉級 晋级 jìnjí rise in rank, be promoted
晉級 晋级 jìnjí rise in rank, be promoted
耐心 耐心 nàixīn nerves, forbearance, longanimity, endurance, patience
化解 化解 huàjiě remove
軌道 轨道 guǐdào circle, path, trajectory, railroad track, orbital, course, proper way of doing things, trackage, track, orbit, flight, rail, railway, trackway, tramroad, career, orb
這樣 这样 zhèyàng so, such
記號 记号 jìhào earmark, symbolism, reader, impress, indicium, symbol, notation, tick, token, marker, type, sign, score, signature, mark, chip, character, seal, crack, marking, dent, ostent, indicia, check, impression
格局 格局 géjú pattern, setup, structure
強勢 强势 qiángshì powerful influence
勞資 劳资 láozī labour and capital, labor and capital
試圖 试图 shìtú attempt, pretend, set about, try, seek, undertake
學術界 学术界 xuéshùjiè educational, academe, academic circles, academia
qiě moreover, still, further, for a long time
chēng say, state, commend, praise
前進 前进 qiánjìn go forward
未曾 未曾 wèicéng have not, never, did not, not yet
shí solid, full, substantial
法官 法官 fǎguān sentencer, Bench, judiciary, judgeship, bench, tippet, wig, justice, judicature, magistrate, court, judge, jurist, recorder, hakim, justicer, judgship
chǎo saute, stir-fry, roast, speculate, parch, fry, saut#2e, fire, saut#2 e, sack, scramble
干擾 干扰 gānrǎo disturb, interfere
rèn allow
每當 每当 měidāng whenever, every time
guài find sth. strange, blame
好不容易 好不容易 hǎobúróngyì hard to come by, rarely
行動 行动 xíngdòng move/get about, act, take action
bài acknowledge sb. as one's godfather, do obeisance, lead to, acknowledge ... as, result in, bring about, salute, acknowledge sb. as one's master, make a courtesy call, make courtesy call, acknowledge sb. as one's master/godfather, cause
勇敢 勇敢 yǒnggǎn brave, courageous
勇敢 勇敢 yǒnggǎn brave, courageous
宣稱 宣称 xuānchēng predicate, enounce, vouch, avow, make_out, lay_down, uphold, assert, declaration, make out, swan, pronounce, aver, swear, assertion, proclaim, certify, give_out, profession, declare, affirm, put forward, profess
前進 前进 qiánjìn go forward
指揮 指挥 zhǐhuī commander, director, conductor
迎接 迎接 yíngjiē greet, receive, welcome, accolade, meet
回合 回合 huíhé round of golf, bout, go-around, overshoot, encounter, round, turn, wave-off
攜帶 携带 xīdài bring, schlep, schlepp, take along, carry
平常 平常 píngcháng ordinary, common
華盛頓 华盛顿 huáshèngdùn Washington, D.C.
圓滿 圆满 yuánmǎn satisfactory
gǎng Hong Kong
榮譽 荣誉 róngyū honour, accolade, palm, commendation, credit, lustre, kudos, luster, bay, garland, izzat, laurels, glorification, glory, distinction, honor
確認 确认 quèrèn countersign, confirm, affirmation, identify with certainty, identify, acknowledgement, acknowledge, quiet, confirmation, recognize, seal, verify, uphold, affirm, notarize
大廈 大厦 dàxià building, mansion
工作室 工作室 gōngzuòshì workroom, bottega, studio, atelier, artist's workroom
平原 平原 píngyuán champaign, plain, campagna, field, park, flatlands
聯招 联招 liánzhāo recruit students jointly
聯招 联招 liánzhāo recruit students jointly
傳達 传达 chuándá pass on, transmit, communicate
寶寶 宝宝 bǎobǎo pet, sonny, darling baby, precious baby, baby, precious, poppet, sweetie, precious/darling baby
傳達 传达 chuándá pass on, transmit, communicate
舉例 举例 jǔlì instance, quote, adduce, give an example
故鄉 故乡 gùxiāng country, home, patria, place of birth, native place, hometown, homeland, motherland, birthplace
黃色 黄色 huángsè chrome, yellowness, yellow, salacity, or
光復 光复 guāngfù restore, recover (lost land), recover
圓滿 圆满 yuánmǎn satisfactory
音響 音响 yīnxiǎng clank, acoustics, music center, sound, hi-fi set, stereo, audio, hi-fi, acoustic, hi-fi stereo component system
tǐng very, rather, quite
翅膀 翅膀 chìbǎng pinion, vane, plumage, pennon, flier, wing
guō Surname
國宅 国宅 guózhái house of government sell
write down, record
情慾 情慾 qíngyū desire, Kama, enamoredness, lust, Venus, letch, flesh, sexual passion, ardour, passion, amorousness
tōu steal
跳舞 跳舞 tiàowǔ hop, trip the light fantastic, trip, cakewalk, dancing, dance, saltate, hoof, step
yóu still, yet
莊子 庄子 zhuāngzǐ village, Chuang-tzu, hamlet, Chinese philosopher
縮短 缩短 suōduǎn shorten, curtail, cut down
學業 学业 xuéyè one's studies, schoolwork
jǐn tighten, tight, hard up, strict, urgent, tense, taut, stringent
手指 手指 shǒuzhǐ finger
不料 不料 búliào unexpectedly
矚目 瞩目 zhǔmù fix eyes on
矚目 瞩目 zhǔmù fix eyes on
黨營 党营 dǎngyíng political party owned/operated
優異 优异 yōuyì excellent, outstanding
縮短 缩短 suōduǎn shorten, curtail, cut down
集合 集合 jíhé gather, assemble, muster
護照 护照 hùzhào passport
承受 承受 chéngshòu bear, support, endure, inherit (legacy/etc.)
地帶 地带 dìdài belt, side, corridor, zone, geographical zone, terrain, region, district
訂單 订单 dìngdān order_form, order, order form, order form for goods, purchase order, indent
優異 优异 yōuyì excellent, outstanding
拓展 拓展 tuòzhǎn expand
拓展 拓展 tuòzhǎn expand
chá look into, consult, look up, search, investigate, consultation, audit, examination, investigation, check, examine
get married, conjoin, espouse, wive, take to wife, marry, get hitched with, hook up with, wed, take a wife
偷偷 偷偷 tōutōu on the QT, secretly, stealthily, on the Q.T., in secret
接獲 接获 jiēhuò receive
發給 发给 fāgěi hand_out, distribution, issue, go, distribute, give_out, grant
強迫 强迫 qiángpò require, oust, press-gang, impose, obtrude, coerce, sandbag, coercion, force (sb. to do sth.), enforce, pressure, compel, force, compulsory, push out, hustle, constrain, blackmail, strain, starve, oblige, thrust out, thrust, bear, impel, bulldoze, dragoon, force-feed, blackjack, high-pressure
如此一來 如此一来 rúcǐyīlái so that, with the result that
yán word, talk, character, speech
天然 天然 tiānrán natural
àn unclear, dull, hidden, dim, dusk, secret, dark
愛好 爱好 àihào love, like, be fond of, be keen on
帽子 帽子 màozi5 castor, lid, cap, brand, headgear, chapeau, titfer, hat, headpiece, label, amice, tag
凝聚 凝聚 níngjù condense (of vapor), coalesce, concentrate
凝聚 凝聚 níngjù condense (of vapor), coalesce, concentrate
彰化縣 彰化县 zhānghuàxiàn Chang-hwa (a county in Taiwan)
樹木 树木 shùmù trees
det.: second
太過 太过 tàiguò unduly, troppo
聽見 听见 tīngjiàn hear
藉以 藉以 jièyǐ conj.: so as to, for the purpose of, by way of
jiǎo turn_in, hand in, hand over/in, capture, pay, in, shell_out, hand over
愛好 爱好 àihào love, like, be fond of, be keen on
簡化 简化 jiǎnhuà simplify
be rich in, be full of
簡化 简化 jiǎnhuà simplify
防範 防范 fángfàn be on guard, keep lookout
防範 防范 fángfàn be on guard, keep lookout
論元 论元 lùnyuán argument
週期 週期 zhōuqí period, cycle
地下 地下 dìxià subterranean, underground, secretly, subsurface, secret, secret activity
jiān shoulder
男孩子 男孩子 nánháizi5 shaver, man, lad, boy
周遭 周遭 zhōuzāo entourage, all around, about, vicinity, surrounding, round, around
悄悄 悄悄 qiāoqiāo silently, stealthily, quietly
南港 南港 nángǎng Southport, Nankang
fǎn return
淡江 淡江 dànjiāng Tamkang University
陶瓷 陶瓷 táocí pottery and porcelain, ceramic, ceramics, china
答覆 答复 dáfù answer, reply
素質 素质 sùzhí calibre, fibre, stuff, vocation, diathesis, caliber, character, strain, predisposition, quality, timber
hèn regret, hate, detest, be exasperated
作戰 作战 zuòzhàn do battle, war, fight, battle, conduct operations
堅定 坚定 jiāndìng stabilizing, firm, steadfast, staunch, strengthen
增強 增强 zēngqiáng strengthen, enhance
耳朵 耳朵 ěrduǒ auricle, lobe, lobule, ear, auditory, lap, lug, lappet
對立 对立 duìlì oppose, set sth. against, be antagonist to
綜合 综合 zònghé synthesize
歡喜 欢喜 huānxǐ like, be fond of
模仿 模仿 mófǎng imitate, follow example of
默默 默默 mòmò quietly, silently
申訴 申诉 shēnsù appeal, complain
歡喜 欢喜 huānxǐ like, be fond of
增強 增强 zēngqiáng strengthen, enhance
左手 左手 zuǒshǒu the left hand, left, left hand, left-hand side, one's left hand
申訴 申诉 shēnsù appeal, complain
入侵 入侵 rùqīn invade
世人 世人 shìrén earthman, tellurian, subcelestial, temporalty, laity, people, earthling, common people
入侵 入侵 rùqīn invade
友人 友人 yǒurén friend
文教 文教 wénjiào culture and education
麵包 面包 miànbāo bun, staff of life, cookie, breadstuff, bread
zhuǎn convey, pass on, transfer, transmit
課業 课业 kèyè task, lessons, schoolwork, lesson
tuán group, society, organization
天文 天文 tiānwén astronomy
彩券 彩券 cǎijuàn lottery ticket
優先 优先 yōuxiān preferentially, preemptively
對立 对立 duìlì oppose, set sth. against, be antagonist to
材質 材质 cáizhí stuff, material
埃及 埃及 āijí Egypt
看待 看待 kàndài apprehend, treatment, treat, look upon, regard
連結 连结 liánjié join, link
貨物 货物 huòwù portage, freight, hotshot, shipment, transit, payload, lading, load, commodity, traffic, salework, shipload, bale, consignment, ware, store, cargo, goods, loading, article, merchandise, invoice, charge, freightage
rice, shelled/husked seed
做生意 做生意 zuòshēngyì merchandise, deal, trade, sell, do business
連結 连结 liánjié join, link
深度 深度 shēndù measurement, fullness, profundity, depth, level, deepness, fulness, profoundness
試用 试用 shìyòng try out
模仿 模仿 mófǎng imitate, follow example of
釣魚台 钓鱼台 diàoyūtái an island
試用 试用 shìyòng try out
起伏 起伏 qǐfú rise and fall, undulate
等級 等级 děngjí graduated table, rate, degree, graduation, gradation, ordering, magnitude, caste, grade, social status, ranking, order, class, gree, scale of measurement, step, stream, estate, station, rating, value, echelon, order and degree, ordered series, scale, rubric, notch, division, rank, order of magnitude
開學 开学 kāixué start school, begin term
椅子 椅子 yǐzi5 chair
排斥 排斥 páichì repel, exclude, reject
起伏 起伏 qǐfú rise and fall, undulate
排斥 排斥 páichì repel, exclude, reject
痕跡 痕迹 hénjī spark, taint, scrape, show, imprint, trace, vestige, spoor, sign, track, nick, mark, print, scar, scratch, scent, ash, vestigial, trail, impression
總會 总会 zǒnghuì be bound to, be inevitable, be sure to happen
影子 影子 yǐngzi5 umbra, sign, silhouette, reflection, trace, shadow, vague impression
製造業 制造业 zhìzàoyè manufacture, industry, manufacturing industry
應當 应当 yīngdāng should
調節 调节 tiáojié regulate, adjust
調節 调节 tiáojié regulate, adjust
總理 总理 zǒnglǐ premier, prime minister
戰場 战场 zhàncháng field of battle, plain, theatre, camp, cockpit, battlefield, theater, battleground, field, battlefront
無窮 无穷 wúqióng infinite, endless, inexhaustible
整齊 整齐 zhěngqí in good order, neat, tidy, even, regular
整齊 整齐 zhěngqí in good order, neat, tidy, even, regular
tán pluck/play (musical instrument)
公文 公文 gōngwén official document
牛奶 牛奶 nióunǎi cow's milk
毛病 毛病 máobìng trouble, mishap, breakdown, defect, shortcoming, fault, mistake, illness
出土 出土 chūtǔ be unearthed, come out of the ground
公正 公正 gōngzhèng impartial
轉型 转型 zhuǎnxíng change, transform
yuán round, satisfactory, comprehensive
轉型 转型 zhuǎnxíng change, transform
望遠鏡 望远镜 wàngyuǎnjìng telescope
類別 类别 lèibié category, cubbyhole, categorization, race, kind, categorisation, reduction, persuasion, regimentation, rubric, classification, sort
承擔 承担 chéngdān bear, undertake, assume
虛擬 虚拟 xūnǐ conjecture, fictitious, pseudo, suppositional, fantasy
經濟 经济 jīngjì economical, thrifty, of economic value
老兵 老兵 lǎobīng veteran soldier, veteran_soldier, campaigner, veteran, old soldier
jiāng river
liú spread, circulate
完全 完全 wánquán complete, whole
研究室 研究室 yánjiùshì study, research room, research group
客廳 客厅 kètīng front room, livingroom, parlour, salon, family room, parlor, drawing_room, living_room, drawing room, sitting_room, living room, sitting room, drawing, drawing/living room
捕捉 捕捉 bǔzhuō seizure, seize, tackle, capture, snare, nobble, get, catch
做人 做人 zuòrén conduct oneself, behave, be an upright person
承辦 承办 chéngbàn undertake
粒子 粒子 lìzǐ particulate, particle, apparatus
承擔 承担 chéngdān bear, undertake, assume
消極 消极 xiāojí negative, passive, inactive
pái m.[general]
得分 得分 défēn score
站起來 站起来 zhànqǐlái stand_up, stand up, rise, arise, get up
從中 从中 cóngzhōng out of, from among, therefrom
hǎo Hao, Surname
承辦 承办 chéngbàn undertake
註冊 注册 zhùcè register
壞人 坏人 huàirén hellion, bad person, scoundrel, badman, baddie, villain, malefactor, evildoer
問道 问道 wèndào ask
zhuō clutch, cop, grasp, nip, hold, seize, capture, take hold of, hent, catch
退出 退出 tuìchū withdraw from, quit
開玩笑 开玩笑 kāiwánxiào kid, spoof, jive, gag, make fun of, josh, daff, rot, quip, chaff, rib, banter, jolly, fun, sport, put_on, clown, fool, droll, jape, joke, skylark, jest, jocose, crack a joke
註冊 注册 zhùcè register
搭乘 搭乘 dāchéng travel by, travel, travel (by a conveyance), jet, take, fly, hitching, get_on
ruǎn soft, weak, pliant, poor in quality
無關 无关 wúguān have nothing to do with