1. , あい -love
  2. 愛情, あいじょう -love, affection
  3. 合図, あいず -sign, signal
  4. 愛する, あいする -to love
  5. 相手, あいて -companion, partner, company
  6. あいにく -unfortunately, Sorry, but....
  7. 明かり, あかり -lamplight, light (in general),brightness
  8. 空き, あき -room, time to spare, emptiness
  9. 明らか, あきらか -obvious, evident, clear
  10. 諦める, あきらめる -to give up, to abandon
  11. 飽きる, あきる -to get tired of, to lose interest in, to have enough
  12. 握手, あくしゅ -handshake
  13. 悪魔, あくま -devil, demon, evil spirit
  14. 明ける, あける -to dawn, to become daylight
  15. 預ける, あずける -to give into custody, to entrust, to deposit
  16. , あせ -sweat, perspiration
  17. 与える, あたえる -to give, to present, to award
  18. 暖かい, あたたか(い) -warm, mild
  19. 辺り, あたり -vicinity, nearby
  20. 当たる, あたる -to be hit, to be successful, to be equivalent to
  21. あちこち -here and there
  22. あっ -Ah!, Oh!
  23. 扱う, あつかう -to handle, to deal with, to treat
  24. 集まり, あつまり -gathering, meeting, assembly, collection
  25. 当てる, あてる -to hit, to apply a patch
  26. , あと -(1) trace, tracks, mark, sign, (2) remains, ruins, (3) scar
  27. , あな -hole
  28. 浴びる, あびる -to bathe, to bask in the sun, to shower
  29. , あぶら -oil
  30. 余り, あまり -not very (used as adverb),not much
  31. 誤り, あやまり -error
  32. 粗い, あらい -Coarse
  33. , あらし -storm, tempest
  34. 新た, あらた -new, fresh, novel
  35. あらゆる -all, every
  36. 表す, あらわす -to express, to show, to reveal
  37. 現す, あらわす -to show, to indicate, to display
  38. 現れ, あらわれ -embodiment, materialization
  39. 現れる, あらわれる -(1) to appear, to come in sight, to become visible,(2) to express oneself
  40. ありがとう -(conj,exp,int) Thank you
  41. 有る, ある -to be, to have(used for inanimate objects)
  42. , ある -a certain...,some...
  43. あるいは -or, possibly
  44. , あわ -bubble, foam, froth, head on beer
  45. 合わせる, あわせる -to join together, to be opposite, to face, to unite
  46. 哀れ, あわれ -helpless, pity, sorrow, grief
  47. , あん -plan, suffix meaning draft
  48. 暗記, あんき -memorization, learning by heart
  49. 安定, あんてい -stability, equilibrium
  50. 案内, あんないする -information, guidance, leading, to guide
  51. あんなに -to that extent, to that degree
  52. あんまり -not very, not much, remainder, rest
  53. , -stomach
  54. 委員, いいん -committee member
  55. いえ, いえ -same as いいえ in spoken
  56. 意外, いがい -unexpected, surprising
  57. , いき -breath, tone
  58. 行き, いき / ゆき -going,
  59. 勢い, いきおい -force, vigour, energy, spirit
  60. 生き物, いきもの -living thing, animal
  61. 幾つ, いくつ -how many?, how old?
  62. 幾ら, いくら -how much?,
  63. いけない -must not do, bad, wrong, not good
  64. 医師, いし -doctor, physician
  65. 意思, いし -mind, intention
  66. 意志, いし -will, volition
  67. 維持, いじ -maintenance, preservation
  68. 意識, いしき -consciousness, senses
  69. 異常, いじょう -strangeness, abnormality, disorder
  70. 椅子, いす -chair
  71. , いずみ -spring, fountain
  72. いずれ -which, either, one
  73. 以前, いぜん -ago since, before, previous
  74. , いた -board, plank
  75. 偉大, いだい -greatness
  76. 抱く, いだく -(sl) to embrace, to hug, to harbour, to entertain
  77. いたずら -tease, prank, trick, practical joke
  78. いただきます -expression of gratitude before meals
  79. 頂く, いただく -to receive, to take food or drink (hum)
  80. 痛み, いたみ -pain, ache, sore, grief, distress
  81. 至る, いたる -to come, to arrive
  82. , いち -market, fair
  83. 位置, いち -place, situation, position, location
  84. 一時, いちじ -moment, time
  85. 一度に, いちどに -all at once
  86. 市場, いちば -(the) market (as a concept)
  87. 一番, いちばん -best, first, number one
  88. 一家, いっか -a house, a home, a family, a household
  89. いつか -sometime, someday, one day
  90. 一種, いっしゅ -a species, a kind, a variety
  91. 一瞬, いっしゅん -a moment, an instant
  92. 一生, いっしょう -whole life, a lifetime, all through life
  93. 一層, いっそう -much more, still more, all the more
  94. 一体, いったい -(1) one object, one body,(2) what on earth?, really?,(3) generally
  95. 一致, いっち -(1) coincidence, agreement,(2) conformity
  96. いつでも -(at) any time, always, at all times, never (neg)
  97. 一般, いっぱん -general, liberal, universal, ordinary, average
  98. 一方, いっぽう -(1) on the other hand,(2) meanwhile,(3) only, simple, in turn
  99. いつまでも -forever, for good, eternally, as long as one likes, indefinitely
  100. いつも -always, usually, every time, never (with neg. verb)
  101. 移動, いどう -removal, migration, movement
  102. 従兄弟, いとこ -cousin (male)
  103. , いね -rice-plant
  104. 居眠り, いねむり -dozing, nodding off
  105. , いのち -,life, destiny
  106. 違反, いはん -violation (of law),transgression, infringement, breach
  107. 衣服, いふく -clothes
  108. 居間, いま -living room (western style)
  109. 今に, いまに -before long, even now
  110. 今にも, いまにも -at any time, soon
  111. , いや -no, the nose
  112. 以来, いらい -since, henceforth
  113. 依頼, いらい -(1) request, commission, dispatch,(2) dependence, trust
  114. いらいら -getting nervous, irritation
  115. いらっしゃい -welcome
  116. 医療, いりょう -medical care, medical treatment
  117. , いわ -rock, crag
  118. 祝い, いわい -celebration, festival
  119. 祝う, いわう -to congratulate, to celebrate
  120. 言わば, いわば -so to speak
  121. いわゆる -the so-called, so to speak
  122. 印刷, いんさつ -printing
  123. 印象, いんしょう -impression
  124. 引退, いんたい -retire
  125. 引用, いんよう -quotation, citation
  126. , うお -fish
  127. うがい -gargle, rinse mouth
  128. 伺う, うかがう -(hon) to visit, to ask, to inquire
  129. 受け取る, うけとる -to receive, to get, to accept, to take
  130. 動かす, うごかす -to move, to shift
  131. , うさぎ -rabbit, hare
  132. , うし -cattle, cow
  133. 失う, うしなう -to lose, to part with
  134. 後ろ, うしろ -afterwards, since then, in the future, behind
  135. , うそ -lie, falsehood, incorrect fact, inappropriate
  136. 疑う, うたがう -to doubt, to distrust, to be suspicious of, to suspect
  137. , うち -inside
  138. 宇宙, うちゅう -universe, cosmos, space
  139. 撃つ, うつ -to attack, to defeat, to destroy
  140. 移す, うつす -to remove, to transfer, to infect
  141. 訴える, うったえる -to sue (a person),to resort to, to appeal to
  142. うなる -to groan, to moan
  143. 奪う, うばう -to snatch away
  144. , うま -(1) horse,(2) promoted bishop (shogi)
  145. うまい, うまい -be good at, delicious (spoken)
  146. 生まれ, うまれ -birth, birth-place
  147. , うめ -plum, plum-tree, lowest (of a three-tier ranking system)
  148. 裏切る, うらぎる -to betray, to turn traitor to, to double-cross
  149. 得る, うる -to get, to gain, to win
  150. 嬉しい, うれしい -happy, glad, pleasant
  151. 売れる, うれる -to be sold
  152. , うわさ -rumour, report, gossip, common talk
  153. , うん -fortune, luck
  154. 運転, うんてんする -operation, motion, driving, to drive
  155. 運動, うんどうする -motion, exercise, to exercise
  156. , -handle, grip
  157. 永遠, えいえん -eternity, perpetuity, immortality, permanence
  158. 永久, えいきゅう -eternity ,perpetuity, immortality
  159. 影響, えいきょう -influence, effect
  160. 営業, えいぎょう -business, trade, management
  161. 衛星, えいせい -satellite
  162. 栄養, えいよう -nutrition, nourishment
  163. 笑顔, えがお -smiling face
  164. 描く, えがく -to draw, to paint, to sketch, to depict, to describe
  165. , えさ -feed, bait
  166. 得る, える -to get, to gain, to win
  167. , えん -circle, money
  168. , えん -relation, connection, ties, fate
  169. 延期, えんき -postponement, adjournment
  170. 演技, えんぎ -acting, performance
  171. 援助, えんじょ -assistance, aid, support
  172. 演説, えんぜつ -speech, address
  173. 演奏, えんそう -musical performance
  174. 遠慮, えんりょ -diffidence, restraint, reserve
  175. , -honourable
  176. 老い, おい -old age, old person, the old, the aged
  177. 追い付く, おいつく -to overtake, to catch up (with)
  178. , おう -king, ruler, sovereign, monarch
  179. 追う, おう -to chase, to run after
  180. 王様, おうさま -king
  181. 王子, おうじ -prince
  182. 応じる, おうじる -to respond, to satisfy, to accept, to comply with, to apply for
  183. 横断, おうだん -crossing
  184. 終える, おえる -to finish
  185. 大いに, おおいに -very, much, greatly
  186. 覆う, おおう -to cover, to hide, to conceal, to wrap, to disguise
  187. 大家, おおや -rich family, distinguished family
  188. , おか -hill, height, knoll, rising ground
  189. , おき -open sea
  190. , おく -interior, inner part
  191. 贈る, おくる -to send, to give to, to award to, to confer on
  192. 起こる, おこる -to occur, to happen
  193. 幼い, おさない -very young, childish
  194. 収める, おさめる -to obtain, to reap, to pay, to supply, to accept
  195. おしゃべり -chattering, talk, idle talk
  196. 汚染, おせん -pollution, contamination
  197. おそらく -perhaps
  198. 恐れる, おそれる -to fear, to be afraid of
  199. 恐ろしい, おそろしい -terrible, dreadful
  200. お互い, おたがい -mutual, reciprocal, each other
  201. 穏やか, おだやか -calm, gentle, quiet
  202. 男の人, おとこのひと -man
  203. 劣る, おとる -to fall behind, to be inferior to
  204. お腹, おなか -stomach, tummy
  205. , おに -ogre, demon, it (i.e., in a game of tag)
  206. , おび -band (e.g. conduction, valence)
  207. お昼, おひる -lunch, noon
  208. 溺れる, おぼれる -to be drowned, to indulge in
  209. おまえ -(fam) you (sing)
  210. おめでとう -Congratulations!, an auspicious occasion!
  211. 思い出, おもいで -memories, recollections, reminiscence
  212. 主に, おもに -mainly, primarily
  213. 思わず, おもわず -unintentional, spontaneous
  214. 泳ぎ, およぎ -swimming
  215. およそ -about, roughly, as a rule, approximately
  216. 及ぼす, およぼす -to exert, to cause, to exercise
  217. 居る, おる -to be (animate),to be, to exist
  218. 下す, おろす -to lower, to let go down
  219. 降ろす, おろす -to take down, to launch, to drop
  220. , おん -sound, note
  221. , おん -favour, obligation, debt of gratitude
  222. 温暖, おんだん -warmth
  223. 温度, おんど -temperature
  224. , -passable
  225. , -counter for chapters (of a book) section
  226. , かい -meeting, assembly, party, association, club
  227. , かい -counter for occurrences
  228. , がい -injury, harm, evil influence, damage
  229. 会員, かいいん -member, the membership
  230. 絵画, かいが -picture, paintings
  231. 海外, かいがい -foreign, abroad, overseas
  232. 会計, かいけい -account, finance, accountant
  233. 解決, かいけつ -settlement, solution, resolution
  234. 会合, かいごう -meeting, assembly
  235. 外交, がいこう -diplomacy
  236. 開始, かいし -start, commencement, beginning
  237. 解釈, かいしゃく -explanation, interpretation
  238. 外出, がいしゅつ -outing, going out
  239. 改善, かいぜん -betterment, improvement
  240. 快適, かいてき -pleasant, agreeable, comfortable
  241. 回復, かいふく -recovery (from illness),improvement, rehabilitation, restoration
  242. 飼う, かう -to keep, to raise, to feed
  243. 替える / 換える, かえる -to exchange, to interchange, to substitute, to replace
  244. 香り, かおり -aroma, fragrance, scent, smell
  245. 画家, がか -painter, artist
  246. 抱える, かかえる -to hold or carry under or in the arms
  247. 価格, かかく -price, value, cost
  248. 化学, かがく -chemistry
  249. 輝く, かがやく -to shine, to glitter, to sparkle
  250. , かかり -official, duty, person in charge
  251. 掛かる, かかる -to take (e.g. time, money, etc),to hang
  252. 罹る, かかる -to suffer from
  253. , かぎ -key
  254. 限る, かぎる -to restrict,to limit,to confine
  255. 描く, かく -to draw,to paint,to sketch,to depict,to describe
  256. 家具, かぐ -furniture
  257. , がく -learning,scholarship,erudition,knowledge
  258. , がく -picture frame
  259. 覚悟, かくご -resolution, resignation, readiness, preparedness
  260. 確実, かくじつ -certainty, reliability, soundness
  261. 学者, がくしゃ -scholar
  262. 学習, がくしゅう -study,learning
  263. 隠す, かくす -to hide,to conceal
  264. 拡大, かくだい -magnification, enlargement
  265. 確認, かくにん -affirmation, confirmation
  266. 学問, がくもん -scholarship, study, learning
  267. 隠れる, かくれる -to hide, to be hidden, to conceal oneself, to disappear
  268. , かげ -shade, shadow, other side
  269. , かげ -shade,shadow,other side
  270. 欠ける, かける -to be lacking
  271. 加減, かげん -addition and subtraction,allowance for
  272. 過去, かこ -the past,bygone days,the previous
  273. , かご -basket,cage
  274. 囲む, かこむ -to surround,to encircle
  275. 火災, かさい -conflagration,fire
  276. 菓子, かし -pastry
  277. 家事, かじ -housework,domestic chores
  278. 賢い, かしこい -wise,clever,smart
  279. 歌手, かしゅ -singer
  280. , かず -number,figure
  281. 稼ぐ, かせぐ -to earn income,to labor
  282. 数える, かぞえる -to count
  283. , かた -mold,model,style,shape,data-type
  284. , かた -shoulder
  285. 硬い, かたい -solid,hard (esp. metal, stone),unpolished writing
  286. 方々, かたがた -persons,this and that,here and there,everywhere
  287. , かたち -shape, form
  288. , かたな -sword,saber,knife,engraving tool
  289. 語る, かたる -to talk,to tell,to recite
  290. 勝ち, かち -win,victory
  291. 価値, かち -value,worth,merit
  292. がっかり -feel disappointed,be dejected,lose heart
  293. 活気, かっき -energy,liveliness
  294. 学期, がっき -term (school)
  295. 格好, かっこう -shape,form,posture,suitability,appearance
  296. 活動, かつどう -action,activity
  297. 活用, かつよう -conjugation,practical use
  298. 悲しむ, かなしむ -to be sad,to mourn for,to regret
  299. 必ずしも, かならずしも -(not) always,(not) necessarily,(not) all,(not) entirely
  300. かなり -considerably,fairly,quite
  301. , かね -(1) gold,(2) gold general (shogi) (abbr)
  302. 可能, かのう -possible,practicable,feasible
  303. , かぶ -share,stock,stump (of tree)
  304. 被る, かぶる -to put on , wear, cover (one's) head,
  305. 構う, かまう -to mind,to care about,to be concerned about
  306. 我慢, がまん -patience,endurance,perseverance
  307. , かみ -(1) first volume,(2) superior quality,(3) governmental
  308. , かみ -god
  309. , かみなり -thunder
  310. 髪の毛, かみのけ -hair (head)
  311. 科目, かもく -(school) subject,curriculum,course
  312. かもしれない -may,might,perhaps,may be,possibly
  313. 火曜, かよう -(abbr) Tuesday
  314. , から -empty
  315. , がら -pattern
  316. 刈る, かる -to cut (hair),to mow (grass),to harvest
  317. 彼等, かれら -they (usually male)
  318. , かわ -river
  319. , かわ -river,stream
  320. , かわ -skin,hide,leather,fur,pelt,bark,shell
  321. , かわ -leather
  322. かわいそう -poor,pitiable,pathetic
  323. かわいらしい -lovely,sweet
  324. , かん -can,tin
  325. , かん -perception,intuition,the sixth sense
  326. 考え, かんがえ -thinking,thought,ideas,intention
  327. 感覚, かんかく -sense,sensation
  328. 観客, かんきゃく -audience,spectator(s)
  329. 環境, かんきょう -environment,circumstance
  330. 歓迎, かんげい -welcome,reception
  331. 観光, かんこう -sightseeing
  332. 観察, かんさつ -observation,survey
  333. 感じ, かんじ -feeling,sense,impression
  334. 感謝, かんしゃ -thanks,gratitude
  335. 患者, かんじゃ -a patient
  336. 勘定, かんじょう -calculation,counting,consideration
  337. 感情, かんじょう -emotion(s),feeling(s),sentiment
  338. 感じる, かんじる -to feel,to sense,to experience
  339. 感心, かんしん -admiration,Well done!
  340. 関心, かんしん -concern,interest
  341. 関する, かんする -to concern,to be related
  342. 完成, かんせい -(1) complete,completion,(2) perfection,accomplishment
  343. 完全, かんぜん -perfection,completeness
  344. 感動, かんどう -being deeply moved,excitement,impression,deep emotion
  345. 監督, かんとく -supervision,control,superintendence
  346. 管理, かんり -control,management (e.g. of a business)
  347. 完了, かんりょう -completion,conclusion
  348. 関連, かんれん -relation,connection,relevance
  349. 議員, ぎいん -member of the Diet, congress or parliament
  350. 記憶, きおく -memory,recollection,remembrance
  351. 気温, きおん -temperature
  352. 機械, きかい -machine,mechanism
  353. 議会, ぎかい -Diet,congress,parliament
  354. 期間, きかん -period,term
  355. 機関, きかん -organ,mechanism,facility,engine
  356. 企業, きぎょう -enterprise,undertaking
  357. 効く, きく -to be effective
  358. 機嫌, きげん -humour,temper,mood
  359. 気候, きこう -climate
  360. , きし -bank,coast,shore
  361. 生地, きじ -birthplace
  362. 記事, きじ -article,news story,report,account
  363. 技師, ぎし -engineer,technician
  364. 記者, きしゃ -reporter
  365. , きず -wound,injury,hurt,cut
  366. 期待, きたい -expectation,anticipation,hope
  367. 帰宅, きたく -returning home
  368. 貴重, きちょう -precious,valuable
  369. 議長, ぎちょう -chairman
  370. きちんと -precisely,accurately
  371. きつい -tight,close,intense
  372. 気付く, きづく -to notice,to recognize,to become aware of
  373. 気に入る, きにいる -to be pleased with,to suit
  374. 記入, きにゅう -entry,filling in of forms
  375. 記念, きねん -commemoration,memory
  376. 機能, きのう -function,faculty
  377. 気の毒, きのどく -pitiful,a pity
  378. 寄付, きふ -contribution,donation
  379. 希望, きぼう -hope,wish,aspiration
  380. 基本, きほん -foundation,basis,standard
  381. 決まり, きまり -settlement,conclusion,regulation,rule
  382. 気味, きみ --like,-looking,-looked
  383. 奇妙, きみょう -strange,queer,curious
  384. 義務, ぎむ -duty,obligation,responsibility
  385. 疑問, ぎもん -question,problem,doubt,guess
  386. , ぎゃく -reverse,opposite
  387. , きゅう -ex-
  388. , きゅう -class, grade, rank,school class, grade
  389. , きゅう -globe,sphere,ball
  390. , きゅう / -nine
  391. 休暇, きゅうか -holiday,day off,furlough
  392. 休憩, きゅうけい -rest,break,recess,intermission
  393. 急激, きゅうげき -sudden,precipitous,radical
  394. 吸収, きゅうしゅう -absorption,suction,attraction
  395. 救助, きゅうじょ -relief,aid,rescue
  396. 急速, きゅうそく -rapid (e.g. progress)
  397. 急に, きゅうに -suddenly
  398. 給料, きゅうりょう -salary,wages
  399. 器用, きよう -skillful,handy
  400. 教科書, きょうかしょ -text book
  401. 競技, きょうぎ -game,match,contest
  402. 行儀, ぎょうぎ -manners
  403. 供給, きょうきゅう -supply,provision
  404. 教師, きょうし -teacher (classroom)
  405. 教授, きょうじゅ -teaching,instruction,professor
  406. 強調, きょうちょう -emphasis,stress,stressed point
  407. 共通, きょうつう -commonness,community
  408. 共同, きょうどう -cooperation,association,collaboration,joint
  409. 恐怖, きょうふ -be afraid,dread,dismay,terror
  410. 協力, きょうりょく -cooperation,collaboration
  411. 強力, きょうりょく -herculean strength,mountain carrier-guide
  412. , きょか -permission,approval
  413. , きょく -a bureau, department
  414. , きょく -a pole
  415. 巨大, きょだい -huge,gigantic,enormous
  416. 嫌う, きらう -to hate,to dislike,to loathe
  417. , きり -fog,mist
  418. 切れ, きれ -cloth,piece,cut,chop
  419. 切れる, きれる -(1) to cut well,to be sharp,(2) to break (off)
  420. キロ -(abbr) kilo-,kilogram,kilometre,10^3
  421. 記録, きろく -record,minutes,document
  422. 議論, ぎろん -argument,discussion,dispute
  423. , きん -(1) gold,(2) gold general (shogi) (abbr)
  424. , ぎん -(1) silver,silver coin,silver paint
  425. 禁煙, きんえん -No Smoking!
  426. 金額, きんがく -amount of money
  427. 金庫, きんこ -safe,vault,treasury,provider of funds
  428. 禁止, きんし -prohibition,ban
  429. 金銭, きんせん -money,cash
  430. 金属, きんぞく -metal
  431. 近代, きんだい -modern ages
  432. 緊張, きんちょう -tension,mental strain,nervousness
  433. 筋肉, きんにく -muscle,sinew
  434. 金融, きんゆう -finance, monetary circulation,
  435. 金曜, きんよう -(abbr) Friday
  436. , -nine
  437. , -sentence
  438. 食う, くう -(male) (vulg) to eat
  439. 偶然, ぐうぜん -(by) chance,unexpectedly,suddenly
  440. 臭い, くさい -stink, smelly (bad)
  441. , くさり -chain
  442. 腐る, くさる -to rot,to go bad
  443. , くせ -a habit (often a bad habit),peculiarity
  444. , くだ -pipe,tube
  445. 具体, ぐたい -concrete,tangible,material
  446. 下さる, くださる -(hon) to give,to confer
  447. 下り, くだり -down-train (going away from Tokyo)
  448. 苦痛, くつう -pain,agony
  449. ぐっすり -sound asleep,fast asleep
  450. 区別, くべつ -distinction,differentiation,classification
  451. , くみ -class,group,team,set
  452. 組合, くみあい -association,union
  453. 組む, くむ -to put together
  454. , くもり -cloudiness,cloudy weather,shadow
  455. , くらい -grade,rank,about
  456. 暮らし, くらし -living,livelihood,subsistence,circumstances
  457. 暮らす, くらす -to live,to get along
  458. 繰り返す, くりかえす -to repeat,to do something over again
  459. 狂う, くるう -to go mad,to get out of order
  460. 苦しい, くるしい -painful,difficult
  461. 苦しむ, くるしむ -to suffer,to groan,to be worried
  462. 暮れ, くれ -year end,sunset,nightfall,end
  463. 苦労, くろう -troubles,hardships
  464. 加える, くわえる -to append,to sum up,to add (up)
  465. 詳しい, くわしい -knowing very well,detailed,full,accurate
  466. 加わる, くわわる -to join in,to accede to,to increase,to gain in (influence)
  467. , くん -native Japanese reading of a Chinese character
  468. , ぐん -army,force,troops
  469. 軍隊, ぐんたい -army,troops
  470. 訓練, くんれん -practice,training
  471. , -under,below,beneath
  472. 敬意, けいい -respect,honour
  473. 経営, けいえい -management,administration
  474. 計画, けいかくする -plan,project,schedule,scheme,program,to plan
  475. 景気, けいき -business climate, condition,state
  476. 経験, けいけんする -experience, to experience
  477. 傾向, けいこう -tendency,trend,inclination
  478. 警告, けいこく -warning,advice
  479. 計算, けいさん -calculation,reckoning
  480. 掲示, けいじ -notice,bulletin
  481. 刑事, けいじ -a police detective
  482. 芸術, げいじゅつ -(fine) art,the arts
  483. 契約, けいやく -contract,compact,agreement
  484. 経由, けいゆ -go by the way,via
  485. 怪我, けがする -injury (to animate object),hurt, to injure
  486. , げき -drama,play
  487. 劇場, げきじょう -theatre,playhouse
  488. 化粧, けしょう -make-up (cosmetic)
  489. けち -stinginess,miser,miserliness
  490. 結果, けっか -result,consequence
  491. 欠陥, けっかん -defect,fault,deficiency
  492. 結局, けっきょく -after all,eventually
  493. 決心, けっしん -determination,resolution
  494. 欠席, けっせき -absence,non-attendance
  495. 決定, けってい -decision,determination
  496. 欠点, けってん -faults,defect,weakness
  497. 月曜, げつよう / げつようび -Monday
  498. 結論, けつろん -conclusion
  499. , けむり -smoke,fumes
  500. , けん -ticket,coupon,bond,certificate
  501. , けん -prefecture
  502. , けん -a couter for house
  503. 喧嘩, けんか -quarrel,(drunken) brawl,failure
  504. 見解, けんかい -opinion,point of view
  505. 限界, げんかい -limit,bound
  506. 現金, げんきん -cash,ready money,mercenary,
  507. 言語, げんご -language
  508. 健康, けんこう -health,sound,wholesome
  509. 検査, けんさ -inspection (e.g. customs, factory),examination
  510. 現在, げんざい -present,up to now,nowadays,modern times,current
  511. 現実, げんじつ -reality
  512. 現象, げんしょう -phenomenon
  513. 現状, げんじょう -present condition,existing state,status quo
  514. 建設, けんせつ -construction,establishment
  515. 現代, げんだい -nowadays,modern times,present-day
  516. 建築, けんちく -construction,architecture
  517. 見当, けんとう -be found,aim,estimate,guess,approx
  518. 検討, けんとう -consideration,examination,investigation,study,scrutiny
  519. 現場, げんば -actual spot,scene,scene of the crime
  520. 憲法, けんぽう -constitution
  521. 権利, けんり -right,privilege
  522. , -afterwards,since then,in the future
  523. , -suffix for language,word
  524. , こい -love,tender passion
  525. 濃い, こい -thick (as of color, liquid),dense,strong
  526. 恋人, こいびと -lover,sweetheart
  527. 幸運, こううん -good luck,fortune
  528. 講演, こうえん -lecture,address
  529. 効果, こうか -effect,effectiveness,efficacy,result
  530. 硬貨, こうか -coin
  531. 高価, こうか -high price
  532. 豪華, ごうか -wonderful,gorgeous,splendor,pomp,extravagance
  533. 合格, ごうかく -success,passing (e.g. exam),eligibility
  534. 交換, こうかん -exchange,interchange,reciprocity
  535. 航空, こうくう -aviation,flying
  536. 光景, こうけい -scene,spectacle
  537. 合計, ごうけい -sum total,total amount
  538. 攻撃, こうげき -attack,strike,offensive,criticism,censure
  539. 貢献, こうけん -contribution,services
  540. 広告, こうこく -advertisement
  541. 交際, こうさい -company,friendship,association,society,acquaintance
  542. 後者, こうしゃ -the latter
  543. 構成, こうせい -organization,composition
  544. 高速, こうそく -high speed,high gear
  545. 行動, こうどう -action,conduct,behaviour,mobilization
  546. 強盗, ごうとう -robbery,burglary
  547. 幸福, こうふく -happiness,blessedness
  548. 公平, こうへい -fairness,impartial,justice
  549. 候補, こうほ -candidacy
  550. 考慮, こうりょ -consideration,taking into account
  551. 越える, こえる -to exceed,to cross over,to cross
  552. , こおり -ice,hail
  553. 凍る, こおる -to freeze,to be frozen over,to congeal
  554. 誤解, ごかい -misunderstanding
  555. 語学, ごがく -language study
  556. 呼吸, こきゅう -breath,respiration
  557. 故郷, こきょう -home town,birthplace,old village,historic village
  558. 国語, こくご -national language
  559. 黒板, こくばん -blackboard
  560. 克服, こくふく -subjugation,conquest
  561. 国民, こくみん -national,people,citizen
  562. 穀物, こくもつ -grain,cereal,corn
  563. ここ, ここ -here
  564. , こし -hip
  565. 故障, こしょう -break-down,failure,accident,out of order
  566. 個人, こじん -individual,private person,personal,private
  567. 越す, こす -to go over (e.g. with audience)
  568. 国家, こっか -state,country,nation
  569. 国会, こっかい -National Diet,parliament,congress
  570. 国境, こっきょう -national or state border
  571. 骨折, こっせつ -bone fracture
  572. 小包, こづつみ -parcel,package
  573. , こと -thing,matter,fact,circumstances
  574. 異なる, ことなる -to differ,to vary,to disagree
  575. , ことわざ -proverb,maxim
  576. 断る, ことわる -to refuse,to decline,to dismiss
  577. , こな -flour,meal,powder
  578. この, この -this
  579. 好み, このみ -liking,taste,choice
  580. 好む, このむ -to like,to prefer
  581. , ごみ -dust,dirt rubbish
  582. 小麦, こむぎ -wheat
  583. ごめんなさい -I beg your pardon,excuse me
  584. 小屋, こや -hut,cabin,shed,(animal) pen
  585. これら -these
  586. , ころ -time,about,toward,approximately (time)
  587. 殺す, ころす -to kill
  588. 転ぶ, ころぶ -to fall down,to fall over
  589. 今回, こんかい -now,this time,lately
  590. 今後, こんご -from now on,hereafter
  591. 混雑, こんざつ -congestion,
  592. こんなに -so,like this,in this way
  593. 困難, こんなん -difficulty,distress
  594. 今日, こんにち -today,this day
  595. こんにちは -hello,good day (daytime greeting, id)
  596. 婚約, こんやく -engagement,betrothal
  597. 混乱, こんらん -disorder,chaos,confusion,mayhem
  598. , -difference,variation
  599. , さい -on the occasion of,circumstances
  600. 最高, さいこう -highest,supreme,the most
  601. 財産, ざいさん -property,fortune,assets
  602. 最終, さいしゅう -last,final,closing
  603. 最中, さいちゅう -in the middle of
  604. 最低, さいてい -least,lowest,worst
  605. 才能, さいのう -talent,ability
  606. 裁判, さいばん -trial,judgement
  607. 材料, ざいりょう -ingredients,material
  608. 幸い, さいわい -happiness,blessedness
  609. , さかい -border,boundary,mental state
  610. 逆らう, さからう -to go against,to oppose,to disobey,to defy
  611. 盛り, さかり -the highest, the peak, prime
  612. 作業, さぎょう -work,operation,manufacturing,fatigue duty
  613. 作品, さくひん -work,opus,performance,production
  614. 作物, さくもつ -produce (e.g. agricultural),crops
  615. , さくら -cherry blossom,cherry tree
  616. , さけ -alcohol,sake
  617. 叫ぶ, さけぶ -to shout,to cry
  618. 避ける, さける -(1) to avoid (physical contact ),(2) to ward off,to avert
  619. 支える, ささえる -to support, to hold, maintain
  620. 指す, さす -to point,to put up umbrella,to play
  621. 座席, ざせき -seat
  622. 誘う, さそう -(1) to invite,to ask,(2) to tempt,to lure,to induce
  623. , さつ -(1) token,label,(2) ticket,(3) charm
  624. 作家, さっか -author,writer,novelist,artist
  625. 作曲, さっきょく -composition,setting (of music)
  626. ざっと -roughly,in round numbers
  627. さっぱり -feeling refreshed,feeling relieved,neat,trimmed
  628. さて -well,now,then
  629. 砂漠, さばく -desert
  630. 差別, さべつ -discrimination,distinction,differentiation
  631. 作法, さほう -manners,etiquette,propriety
  632. 様々, さまざま -varied,various
  633. 覚ます, さます -to awaken
  634. 覚める, さめる -to wake,to wake up
  635. 左右, さゆう -(1) left and right,(2) influence,control,domination
  636. , さら -plate,dish
  637. 更に, さらに -furthermore,again,after all,more and more,moreover
  638. 去る, さる -to leave,to go away
  639. , さる -monkey
  640. 騒ぎ, さわぎ -uproar,disturbance
  641. 参加, さんか -participation
  642. 参考, さんこう -reference,consultation
  643. 賛成, さんせい -approval,agreement,support,favour
  644. 酸素, さんそ -oxygen
  645. 散歩, さんぽ -walk,stroll
  646. , -family name,lineage,birth
  647. , -poem,verse of poetry
  648. , / よん -four
  649. 幸せ, しあわせ -happiness,good fortune,luck,blessing
  650. ジェット機, ジェットき -jet aeroplane
  651. 直に, じかに -immediately,readily,directly
  652. しかも -moreover,furthermore,nevertheless,and yet
  653. 叱る, しかる -to scold
  654. , しき -equation,formula,ceremony
  655. , じき -earnestly,immediately,exactly
  656. 時期, じき -time,season,period
  657. 支給, しきゅう -payment,allowance
  658. しきりに -frequently,repeatedly,incessantly,eagerly
  659. 刺激, しげき -stimulus,impetus,incentive
  660. 資源, しげん -resources
  661. 事件, じけん -event,affair,incident
  662. 時刻, じこく -instant,time,moment
  663. 自殺, じさつ -suicide
  664. 事実, じじつ -fact,truth,reality
  665. 支出, ししゅつ -expenditure,expenses
  666. 事情, じじょう -circumstances,consideration,conditions,situation,reasons
  667. 詩人, しじん -poet
  668. 自身, じしん -by oneself,personally
  669. 沈む, しずむ -to sink,to feel depressed
  670. 自然, しぜん -nature,spontaneous
  671. 思想, しそう -thought,idea
  672. , した -tongue
  673. 次第, しだい -(1) order,precedence,(2) circumstances,(3) immediate(ly)
  674. 事態, じたい -situation,present state of affairs
  675. 従う, したがう -to abide (by the rules),to obey,to follow,to accompany
  676. したがって, したがって -therefore,consequently,in accordance with
  677. 支度, したくする -preparation, to prepare
  678. 親しい, したしい -intimate,close (e.g. friend)
  679. , しち / なな -seven
  680. , しつ -quality,nature (of person)
  681. 失業, しつぎょう -unemployment
  682. 実験, じっけん -experiment
  683. 実現, じつげん -implementation,materialization,realization
  684. 実行, じっこう -practice,performance,execution (e.g. program),realization
  685. 実際, じっさい -practical,actual condition,status quo
  686. 実施, じっし -enforcement,enact,put into practice,carry out,operation
  687. じっと -fixedly,firmly,patiently,quietly
  688. 実に, じつに -indeed,truly,surely
  689. 実は, じつは -as a matter of fact,by the way
  690. 失望, しつぼう -disappointment,despair
  691. 支店, してん -branch store (office)
  692. 指導, しどう -leadership,guidance,coaching
  693. 自動, じどう -automatic,self-motion
  694. , しな -thing,article,goods,dignity,article (goods),counter for meal courses
  695. 支配, しはい -rule,control,direction
  696. 芝居, しばい -play,drama
  697. しばしば -often,again and again,frequently
  698. 芝生, しばふ -lawn
  699. 支払, しはらい -payment
  700. 支払う, しはらう -to pay
  701. 死亡, しぼう -death,mortality
  702. 資本, しほん -funds,capital
  703. 姉妹, しまい -sisters
  704. しまう -to finish, to close, put an end
  705. しまった -Damn it!
  706. 自慢, じまん -pride,boast
  707. 事務, じむ -business,office work
  708. 示す, しめす -to denote,to show,to point out,to indicate
  709. 占める, しめる -(1) to comprise,to account for,to make up (of),(2) to hold,to occupy
  710. , しも -under,below,beneath
  711. , しも -frost
  712. 借金, しゃっきん -debt,loan,liabilities
  713. しゃべる -to talk,to chat,to chatter
  714. 邪魔, じゃま -hindrance,intrusion
  715. , しゅう -week
  716. , しゅう -a state, province, county
  717. , じゅう -10,ten
  718. , じゅう -gun
  719. 周囲, しゅうい -surroundings,circumference,environs
  720. 収穫, しゅうかく -harvest,crop,ingathering
  721. 週間, しゅうかん -week,weekly
  722. 宗教, しゅうきょう -religion
  723. 重視, じゅうし -importance,stress,serious consideration
  724. 就職, しゅうしょく -finding employment,inauguration
  725. 修正, しゅうせい -amendment,correction,revision,modification
  726. 渋滞, じゅうたい -congestion (e.g. traffic),delay,stagnation
  727. 重大, じゅうだい -serious,important,grave,weighty
  728. 住宅, じゅうたく -resident,housing
  729. 集団, しゅうだん -group,mass
  730. 集中, しゅうちゅう -concentration,focusing the mind
  731. 収入, しゅうにゅう -income,receipts,revenue
  732. 住民, じゅうみん -citizens,inhabitants,residents,population
  733. 重要, じゅうよう -important, momentous, essential, principal, major
  734. 修理, しゅうり -repairing,mending
  735. 主義, しゅぎ -doctrine,rule,principle
  736. 宿泊, しゅくはく -lodging
  737. 手術, しゅじゅつ -surgical operation
  738. 首相, しゅしょう -Prime Minister
  739. 手段, しゅだん -means,way,measure
  740. 主張, しゅちょう -claim,request,insistence,assertion
  741. 出身, しゅっしん -graduate from,come from
  742. 出席, しゅっせきする -attendance,presence, to attend
  743. 出発, しゅっぱつする -departure, to depart
  744. 出版, しゅっぱん -publication
  745. 首都, しゅと -capital city
  746. 主婦, しゅふ -housewife,
  747. 主要, しゅよう -chief,main,principal,major
  748. 需要, じゅよう -demand,request
  749. 種類, しゅるい -variety,kind,type
  750. , じゅん -order,turn
  751. 瞬間, しゅんかん -moment,second,instant
  752. 順調, じゅんちょう -favourable,doing well,O.K.,all right
  753. 順番, じゅんばん -turn (in line),order of things
  754. 準備, じゅんびする -preparation,arrangements,provision,reserve, to prepare
  755. , しょう -small
  756. , しょう -(1) chapter,section,(2) medal
  757. , しょう -prize,award
  758. 使用, しよう -use,application,employment,utilization
  759. , じょう -(1) first volume,(2) superior quality,
  760. 障害, しょうがい -obstacle,impediment (fault),damage
  761. 奨学金, しょうがくきん -scholarship
  762. 乗客, じょうきゃく -passenger
  763. 上京, じょうきょう -proceeding to the capital (Tokyo)
  764. 状況, じょうきょう -state of affairs,situation,circumstances
  765. 条件, じょうけん -conditions,terms
  766. 正午, しょうご -noon,mid-day
  767. 正直, しょうじき -honesty,integrity,frankness
  768. 常識, じょうしき -common sense
  769. 少女, しょうじょ -daughter,young lady,virgin,maiden,little girl
  770. 少々, しょうしょう -just a minute,small quantity
  771. 症状, しょうじょう -symptoms,condition
  772. 生じる, しょうじる -to produce,to yield,to result from,to arise,to be generated
  773. 状態, じょうたい -condition,situation,circumstances,state
  774. 招待, しょうたいする -invitation, to invite
  775. 上達, じょうたつ -improvement,advance,progress
  776. 冗談, じょうだん -jest,joke
  777. 承知, しょうちする -consent,acceptance,assent,admitting, to consent
  778. 上等, じょうとう -superiority,first class,very good
  779. 衝突, しょうとつ -collision,conflict
  780. 商人, しょうにん -trader,shopkeeper,merchant
  781. 承認, しょうにん -recognition,acknowledgement,approval,consent,agreement
  782. 少年, しょうねん -boys,juveniles
  783. 商売, しょうばい -trade,business,commerce,transaction,occupation
  784. 消費, しょうひ -consumption,expenditure
  785. 商品, しょうひん -commodity,article of commerce,goods,stock,merchandise
  786. 消防, しょうぼう -fire fighting,fire department
  787. 情報, じょうほう -information,(military) intelligence
  788. 証明, しょうめい -proof,verification
  789. 女王, じょおう -queen
  790. , しょく -employment
  791. 職業, しょくぎょう -occupation,business
  792. 食事, しょくじする -meal, to have a meal
  793. 食卓, しょくたく -dining table
  794. 食品, しょくひん -commodity,foodstuff
  795. 植物, しょくぶつ -plant,vegetation
  796. 食物, しょくもつ -food,foodstuff
  797. 食欲, しょくよく -appetite (for food)
  798. 食料, しょくりょう -food
  799. 食糧, しょくりょう -provisions,rations
  800. 書斎, しょさい -study
  801. 女子, じょし -woman,girl
  802. 助手, じょしゅ -helper,helpmeet,assistant,tutor
  803. 徐々に, じょじょに -slowly,little by little,gradually,steadily,quietly
  804. 署名, しょめい -signature
  805. 書物, しょもつ -books
  806. 女優, じょゆう -actress
  807. 処理, しょり -processing,dealing with,treatment,disposition,disposal
  808. 書類, しょるい -documents,official papers
  809. 知らせ, しらせ -notice
  810. , しり -buttocks,bottom
  811. , しるし -(1) mark,(2) symbol,(3) evidence
  812. , しろ -castle
  813. 進学, しんがく -going on to a higher level school,
  814. 神経, しんけい -nerve,sensitivity
  815. 真剣, しんけん -seriousness,earnestness
  816. 信仰, しんこう -(religious) faith,belief,creed
  817. 信号, しんごう -traffic lights,signal,semaphore
  818. 人工, じんこう -artificial,manmade,human work,human skill,artificiality
  819. 深刻, しんこく -serious
  820. 診察, しんさつ -medical examination
  821. 人種, じんしゅ -race (of people)
  822. 信じる, しんじる -to believe,to place trust in
  823. 人生, じんせい -(human) life (i.e. conception to death)
  824. 親戚, しんせき -relative
  825. 新鮮, しんせん -fresh
  826. 心臓, しんぞう -heart (organ)
  827. 身体, しんたい -the body
  828. 身長, しんちょう -height (of body),stature
  829. 慎重, しんちょう -discretion,prudence
  830. 心配, しんぱいする -worry,concern,anxiety,care, to worry
  831. 審判, しんぱん -refereeing,trial,judgement,umpire,referee
  832. 人物, じんぶつ -character,personality,person,man,personage,talented man
  833. 進歩, しんぽ -progress,development
  834. 親友, しんゆう -close friend,buddy
  835. 信用, しんよう -confidence,dependence,credit,faith
  836. 信頼, しんらい -reliance,trust,confidence
  837. 心理, しんり -pshcyology, mental state
  838. 人類, じんるい -mankind,humanity
  839. , -sandbank
  840. , -nest,rookery,breeding place,beehive,cobweb
  841. , -figure (e.g. Fig 1),drawing,picture,illustration
  842. 水準, すいじゅん -(1) level, standard, (2) water level
  843. 推薦, すいせん -recommendation
  844. 随分, ずいぶん -extremely
  845. 睡眠, すいみん -sleep
  846. , すう -number,figure
  847. 数字, すうじ -numeral,figure
  848. , すえ -the end of,powder
  849. 姿, すがた -figure,shape,appearance
  850. 空く, すく -(1) to open,to become empty,(2) to be less crowded
  851. 救う, すくう -to rescue from,to help out of
  852. 優れる, すぐれる -to surpass,to outstrip,to excel
  853. すごい -terrible,dreadful,terrific,amazing,great
  854. 少しも, すこしも -anything of,not one bit
  855. 過ごす, すごす -to pass,to spend,to go through,to tide over
  856. , すじ -muscle,string,line
  857. 進める, すすめる -to advance,to promote,to hasten
  858. 勧める, すすめる -to recommend,to advise,to encourage,to offer (wine)
  859. 頭痛, ずつう -headache
  860. ずっと -consecutively,throughout,a lot
  861. すてき -lovely,dreamy,beautiful,great
  862. 既に, すでに -already,too late
  863. すなわち -that is,namely,i.e.
  864. 素晴らしい, すばらしい -wonderful,splendid,magnificent
  865. 全て, すべて -all,the whole,entirely,in general,wholly
  866. 全て, すべて -all,whole,entire,complete,overall,pan
  867. 済ませる, すませる -to be finished
  868. すみません -sorry,excuse me
  869. 為る, する -to do
  870. すると, すると -thereupon,hereupon
  871. 鋭い, するどい -pointed,sharp
  872. , せい -height,stature
  873. , せい -(logical) true,regular
  874. , せい -sex,gender
  875. 所為, せい -cause,reason,fault
  876. , ぜい -a tax
  877. 性格, せいかく -character,personality
  878. 正確, せいかく -accurate,punctuality,exactness,authenticity,veracity
  879. 世紀, せいき -century,era
  880. 請求, せいきゅう -claim,demand,application,request
  881. 税金, ぜいきん -tax,duty
  882. 清潔, せいけつ -clean
  883. 制限, せいげん -restriction,restraint,limitation
  884. 成功, せいこう -success,hit
  885. 生産, せいさん -production,manufacture
  886. 正式, せいしき -due form,official,formality
  887. 精神, せいしん -mind,soul,heart,spirit,intention
  888. 成人, せいじん -adult
  889. 精々, せいぜい -at the most,at best,to the utmost,as much (far) as possible
  890. 成績, せいせき -results,record
  891. 製造, せいぞう -manufacture,production
  892. 贅沢, ぜいたく -luxury,extravagance
  893. 成長, せいちょう -growth,grow to adulthood
  894. 制度, せいど -system,institution,organization
  895. 青年, せいねん -youth,young man
  896. 製品, せいひん -manufactured goods,finished goods
  897. 政府, せいふ -government,administration
  898. 生物, せいぶつ -raw food
  899. 生命, せいめい -life,existence
  900. 整理, せいり -sorting,arrangement,adjustment,regulation
  901. , せき -cough
  902. 石炭, せきたん -coal
  903. 責任, せきにん -duty,responsibility
  904. 石油, せきゆ -oil,petroleum,kerosene
  905. 世間, せけん -world,society
  906. , せつ -theory
  907. 積極的, せっきょくてき -positive,active,proactive
  908. 設計, せっけい -plan,design
  909. 絶対, ぜったい -absolute,unconditional,absoluteness
  910. 設備, せつび -equipment,device,facilities,installation
  911. 絶滅, ぜつめつ -destruction,extinction
  912. 節約, せつやく -economising,saving
  913. 是非, ぜひ -certainly,without fail
  914. 責める, せめる -to condemn,to blame,to criticize
  915. 世話, せわする -looking after,help,aid,assistance, to look after
  916. , ぜん -good,goodness,right,virtue
  917. 全員, ぜんいん -all members (unanimity),all hands,the whole crew
  918. 専攻, せんこう -major subject,special study
  919. 全国, ぜんこく -country-wide,nation-wide,whole country,national
  920. 先日, せんじつ -the other day,a few days ago
  921. 前者, ぜんしゃ -the former
  922. 選手, せんしゅ -(1) player (in game),(2) team
  923. 前進, ぜんしん -advance,drive,progress
  924. 全然, ぜんぜん -(1) wholly,entirely,completely,(2) not at all (with neg. verb)
  925. 全体, ぜんたい -whole,entirety,whatever (is the matter)
  926. 選択, せんたく -selection,choice
  927. そう, そう -so
  928. , ぞう -elephant
  929. 騒音, そうおん -noise
  930. 増加, ぞうか -increase,addition
  931. 操作, そうさ -operation,management,processing
  932. 掃除, そうじ / そうじする -cleaning,sweeping, to clean, to sweep
  933. 想像, そうぞう -imagination,guess
  934. 相続, そうぞく -succession,inheritance
  935. 相談, そうだん / そうだんする -consultation,discussion,to consult, to discuss
  936. 装置, そうち -equipment,installation,apparatus
  937. 相当, そうとう -suitable,fair,tolerable,proper
  938. 速度, そくど -speed,velocity,rate
  939. , そこ -bottom,sole
  940. そこで -so (conj),accordingly,now,then,thereupon
  941. 組織, そしき -(1) organization,(2) structure,construction,(3) tissue,(4) system
  942. そして -and
  943. 注ぐ, そそぐ -to pour (into),to irrigate,to pay,to fill,to feed (e.g. a fire)
  944. 育つ, そだつ -to raise (child),to be brought up,to grow (up)
  945. そっくり -all,altogether,entirely,be just like,the splitting image of
  946. そっと -face of the earth
  947. , そで -sleeve
  948. 備える, そなえる -to furnish,to provide for,to equip,to install
  949. その, その -the,that
  950. そのうち -eventually,sooner or later,of the previously mentioned
  951. そのまま -without change,as it is (i.e. now)
  952. , そば -side,edge,third person
  953. 粗末, そまつ -crude,rough,plain,humble
  954. それ -it,that
  955. それぞれ -each,every,either,respectively,severally
  956. それでも -but (still),and yet,nevertheless,even so,notwithstanding
  957. それとも -or,or else
  958. , そん -loss,disadvantage
  959. 損害, そんがい -damage,injury,loss
  960. 尊敬, そんけい -respect,esteem,reverence,honour
  961. 存在, そんざい -existence,being
  962. 尊重, そんちょう -respect,esteem,regard
  963. , -rice field
  964. , -other (esp. places and things)
  965. , だい -stand,rack,table,support, counter for machine
  966. , だい -title,subject,theme,topic
  967. 体育, たいいく -physical education,gymnastics,athletics
  968. 体温, たいおん -temperature (body)
  969. 大会, たいかい -convention,tournament,mass meeting,rally
  970. 大気, たいき -the air, atmosphere
  971. 代金, だいきん -price,payment,cost,charge
  972. 退屈, たいくつ -tedium,boredom
  973. 滞在, たいざい -stay,sojourn
  974. 大使, たいし -ambassador
  975. 大した, たいした -considerable,great,important,significant,a big deal
  976. 対象, たいしょう -target,object (of worship, study, etc),subject (of taxation, etc)
  977. 大臣, だいじん -cabinet minister
  978. 対する, たいする -to face,to confront,to oppose
  979. 大戦, たいせん -great war,great battle
  980. 大抵, たいてい -usually,generally
  981. 態度, たいど -attitude,manner
  982. 大統領, だいとうりょう -president,chief executive
  983. 大半, たいはん -majority,mostly,generally
  984. 代表, だいひょう -representative,representation,delegation,type,example,model
  985. 大部分, だいぶぶん -most part,greater part,majority
  986. 大変, たいへん -awful,dreadful,terrible,very
  987. 逮捕, たいほ -arrest,apprehension,capture
  988. 太陽, たいよう -sun,solar
  989. 平ら, たいら -flatness,level,smooth,calm,plain
  990. 代理, だいり -representation,agency,proxy,deputy,agent
  991. 大陸, たいりく -continent
  992. 倒す, たおす -to throw down,to beat,to bring down,to blow down
  993. だが, だが -however
  994. 互い, たがい -mutual,reciprocal
  995. , たから -treasure
  996. だから, だから -so,therefore
  997. , たく -house,home,husband
  998. だけど -however
  999. 確かめる, たしかめる -to ascertain, confirm
  1000. 多少, たしょう -more or less,somewhat,a little,some
  1001. 助ける, たすける -to help,to save,to rescue
  1002. ただ -free of charge,
  1003. , ただ -mere,sole,only
  1004. 戦い, たたかい -battle,fight,struggle,conflict
  1005. 戦う, たたかう -to fight,to battle,to combat
  1006. 叩く, たたく -to strike,to clap,to dust,to beat
  1007. 直ちに, ただちに -at once,immediately,directly,in person
  1008. 立ち上がる, たちあがる -to stand up
  1009. 立場, たちば -standpoint,position,situation
  1010. 経つ, たつ -to pass,to lapse
  1011. 達する, たっする -to reach,to get to
  1012. , たった -only (use with a word which indicates numbers)
  1013. だって -but,because,even,also,too
  1014. たっぷり -full,in plenty,ample
  1015. , たて -length,height
  1016. たとえ -simile,metaphor,allegory
  1017. , たに -valley
  1018. 他人, たにん -another person,unrelated person,outsider,stranger
  1019. , たね -(1) seed,(2) material,(3) cause,source
  1020. , たば -handbreadth,bundle
  1021. , たび -counter for occurrences
  1022. , たび -travel,trip,journey
  1023. たびたび -often,repeatedly,frequently
  1024. 多分, たぶん -perhaps,probably
  1025. , たま -ball,sphere,coin
  1026. , たま -globe,sphere,ball
  1027. , たま -bullet,shot,shell
  1028. 偶々, たまたま -casually,unexpectedly,accidentally,by chance
  1029. たまらない -intolerable, unbearable, unendurable
  1030. 黙る, だまる -to be silent
  1031. 駄目, だめ -useless,no good,hopeless
  1032. 試し, ためし -trial,test
  1033. 試す, ためす -to attempt,to test
  1034. 便り, たより -news, tidings, information, correspondence, letter
  1035. 頼る, たよる -to rely on,to have recourse to,to depend on
  1036. 誰か, だれか -someone,somebody
  1037. , だん -step,stair,flight of steps,grade,rank,level
  1038. 単位, たんい -unit,denomination,credit (in school)
  1039. 単語, たんご -word,vocabulary,(usually) single-character word
  1040. 男子, だんし -a boy, a man, a male
  1041. 単純, たんじゅん -simplicity
  1042. 誕生, たんじょう -birth
  1043. 団体, だんたい -organization,association, a group
  1044. 担当, たんとう -(in) charge
  1045. 単なる, たんなる -mere,simple,sheer
  1046. 単に, たんに -simply,merely,only,solely
  1047. , -earth
  1048. 地位, ちい -(social) position,status
  1049. 地域, ちいき -area,region
  1050. 知恵, ちえ -wisdom, intelligence, advice
  1051. 地下, ちか -basement,underground
  1052. 違い, ちがい -difference,discrepancy
  1053. 違いない, ちがいない -(phrase) sure,no mistaking it,for certain
  1054. 近頃, ちかごろ -lately,recently,nowadays
  1055. 地球, ちきゅう -the earth
  1056. 地区, ちく -district,section,sector
  1057. 遅刻, ちこく -lateness,late coming
  1058. 知事, ちじ -prefectural governor
  1059. 知識, ちしき -knowledge,information
  1060. 父親, ちちおや -father
  1061. 知能, ちのう -intelligence,brains
  1062. 地平線, ちへいせん -horizon
  1063. 地方, ちほう -area,locality,district,region,the coast
  1064. , ちゃ -tea
  1065. ちゃんと -perfectly,properly,exactly
  1066. , ちゅう -inside,middle,among
  1067. , ちゅう -annotation,explanatory note
  1068. 中央, ちゅうおう -centre,central,center,middle
  1069. 中学, ちゅうがく -middle school,junior high school
  1070. 中古, ちゅうこ -(1) used,second-hand,old
  1071. 中止, ちゅうし -suspension, stoppage, discontinuance, interruption
  1072. 駐車, ちゅうしゃ -parking (e.g. car)
  1073. 昼食, ちゅうしょく -lunch,midday meal
  1074. 中心, ちゅうしん -center,core,heart,pivot,emphasis,balance
  1075. 注目, ちゅうもく -notice,attention,observation
  1076. 注文, ちゅうもん -order,request
  1077. 長期, ちょうき -long time period
  1078. 調査, ちょうさ -investigation,examination,inquiry,survey
  1079. 調子, ちょうし -condition, form, shape, tune,tone,key
  1080. 頂上, ちょうじょう -top,summit,peak
  1081. ちょうだい -(1) please do for me (preceded by -te),(2) reception,being given,get (spoken)
  1082. 貯金, ちょきん -(bank) savings
  1083. 直接, ちょくせつ -direct,immediate,personal,firsthand
  1084. 著者, ちょしゃ -author,writer
  1085. , つい -pair,couple,set
  1086. 遂に, ついに -finally,at last
  1087. 通過, つうか -passage through,passing
  1088. 通学, つうがく -commuting to school
  1089. 通行, つうこう -passage,passing
  1090. 通じる, つうじる -to run to,to lead to,to communicate,to understand
  1091. 通信, つうしん -correspondence,communication,news,signal
  1092. 捕まる, つかまる -to be caught,to be arrested
  1093. 掴む, つかむ -to seize,to catch,to grasp
  1094. 疲れ, つかれ -tiredness,fatigue
  1095. , つき -moon,month
  1096. 付き合い, つきあい -association,socializing,fellowship
  1097. 次々, つぎつぎ -in succession,one by one
  1098. 就く, つく -to take (seat, position),to get (a job)
  1099. 注ぐ, つぐ -to pour (into),to irrigate,to pay
  1100. 付ける, つける -to attach,to join,to add,to append
  1101. , つち -earth,soil
  1102. 続き, つづき -sequel,continuation
  1103. 包み, つつみ -bundle,package,parcel,bale
  1104. 勤め, つとめ -(1) service, business, job(2) Buddhist religious services
  1105. 務め, つとめ -(1) service,duty,
  1106. 繋ぐ, つなぐ -to tie,to fasten,to connect,to transfer (phone call)
  1107. 常に, つねに -always,constantly
  1108. , つの -horn
  1109. , つばさ -wings
  1110. つまり -in short,in brief,in other words
  1111. , つみ -crime,fault,indiscretion
  1112. 詰める, つめる -to pack,to shorten,to work out (details)
  1113. 積もる, つもる -to pile up
  1114. 梅雨, つゆ -rainy season,rain during the rainy season
  1115. 辛い, つらい -painful,heart-breaking
  1116. , つり -fishing
  1117. 連れ, つれ -companion,company
  1118. 出会い, であい -meeting,rendezvous,encounter
  1119. 出会う, であう -to meet by chance,to come across,to happen to encounter
  1120. 提案, ていあん -proposal,proposition,suggestion
  1121. 定期, ていき -fixed term
  1122. 抵抗, ていこう -resistance,opposition, electrical resistance,
  1123. 提出, ていしゅつ -presentation,submission,filing
  1124. 程度, ていど -degree,amount,grade,standard,of the order of (following a number)
  1125. 停留所, ていりゅうじょ -bus or tram stop
  1126. , てき -enemy,rival
  1127. 出来事, できごと -incident,affair,happening,event
  1128. 適する, てきする -to fit,to suit
  1129. 適切, てきせつ -pertinent,appropriate,adequate,relevance
  1130. 適度, てきど -moderate
  1131. 適用, てきよう -applying
  1132. できる -to be able to,to be ready,to occur
  1133. 出来るだけ, できるだけ -as (much) (soon) as possible
  1134. できれば -if at all possible
  1135. 手品, てじな -sleight of hand,conjuring trick,magic,juggling
  1136. ですから -therefore
  1137. , てつ -iron
  1138. 哲学, てつがく -philosophy
  1139. 手伝い, てつだい -help,helper,assistant
  1140. 徹底, てってい -thoroughness,completeness
  1141. 鉄道, てつどう -railroad
  1142. 徹夜, てつや -all night,all night vigil,sleepless night
  1143. では, では -then, in that case,if so
  1144. 手間, てま -time,labour
  1145. でも, でも -but,however
  1146. 典型, てんけい -type,pattern,archetypal
  1147. 天候, てんこう -weather
  1148. 電子, でんし -electron
  1149. 伝統, でんとう -tradition,convention
  1150. 天然, てんねん -nature,spontaneity
  1151. , -counter for occurrences
  1152. 問い, とい -question,query
  1153. , とう -party (political)
  1154. , とう -tower,pagoda
  1155. 答案, とうあん -examination paper,examination script
  1156. 同一, どういつ -identity,sameness,similarity
  1157. 銅貨, どうか -copper coin
  1158. 当時, とうじ -at that time,in those days
  1159. 動詞, どうし -verb
  1160. 同時, どうじ -simultaneous(ly),concurrent,same time,synchronous
  1161. どうしても -by all means,at any cost,no matter what
  1162. 到着, とうちゃく -arrival
  1163. 道徳, どうとく -morals
  1164. 投票, とうひょう -voting,poll
  1165. 同様, どうよう -identical,equal to,same (kind),like
  1166. 同僚, どうりょう -coworker,colleague,associate
  1167. 道路, どうろ -road,highway
  1168. , とお -10,ten
  1169. 通す, とおす -to let pass,to overlook,to continue
  1170. 通り, とおり -in accordance with ~,following ~,~ Street,~ Avenue
  1171. 通り過ぎる, とおりすぎる -to pass,to pass through
  1172. 都会, とかい -city
  1173. , とき -(1) time,hour,(2) occasion,moment
  1174. 解く, とく -to unfasten, to solve
  1175. , どく -poison,toxicant
  1176. 得意, とくい -pride,triumph,prosperity
  1177. 読書, どくしょ -reading
  1178. 独身, どくしん -bachelorhood,single,unmarried,celibate
  1179. 特徴, とくちょう -distinctive feature,characteristic
  1180. 独特, どくとく -peculiarity,uniqueness,characteristic
  1181. 独立, どくりつ -independence (e.g. Ind. Day),self-support
  1182. 解ける, とける -to come untied,to come apart
  1183. どこか -somewhere,anywhere
  1184. ところが -however,while,even if
  1185. ところで -by the way,even if,no matter what
  1186. 登山, とざん -mountain-climbing
  1187. 都市, とし -town,city,municipal,urban
  1188. 年月, としつき(ねんげつ) -months and years
  1189. 図書, としょ -books
  1190. 年寄, としより -old people,the aged
  1191. 閉じる, とじる -to close (e.g. book, eyes),to shut
  1192. 途端, とたん -just (now, at the moment, etc.)
  1193. 土地, とち -plot of land,lot,soil
  1194. 突然, とつぜん -abruptly,suddenly,unexpectedly,all at once
  1195. 届く, とどく -to reach
  1196. とにかく -anyhow,at any rate,anyway,somehow or other,generally speaking,in any case
  1197. 飛ばす, とばす -to skip over,to omit
  1198. 飛び出す, とびだす -to jump out,to rush out,to fly out
  1199. 留める, とめる -to fasten,to turn off,to detain
  1200. , とも -friend,companion,pal
  1201. 共に, ともに -sharing with,participate in
  1202. 土曜 / 土曜日, どよう / どようび -Saturday
  1203. , とら -tiger
  1204. 取り上げる, とりあげる -to take up,to pick up,to disqualify,to confiscate,to deprive
  1205. 努力, どりょく -great effort,exertion,endeavour,effort
  1206. どれ, どれ -which (of three or more)
  1207. 取れる, とれる -to come off,to be taken off,to be removed
  1208. , どろ -mud
  1209. とんでもない -unexpected,offensive,What a thing to say!,No way!
  1210. どんな -what,what kind of
  1211. どんなに -how,how much
  1212. , -name,reputation
  1213. 内容, ないよう -subject, contents, substance,
  1214. なお -straight,mischief,ordinary,common
  1215. , なか -relation,relationship
  1216. 流す, ながす -to drain,to float,to shed (blood, tears),to cruise (e.g. taxi)
  1217. なかなか -very,considerably,easily
  1218. 半ば, なかば -middle,half,semi,halfway,partly
  1219. 仲間, なかま -company,fellow,colleague,associate
  1220. 眺め, ながめ -scene,view,prospect,outlook
  1221. 眺める, ながめる -to view,to gaze at
  1222. 流れ, ながれ -stream,current
  1223. 流れる, ながれる -to stream,to flow,to run (ink),to be washed away
  1224. 無し, なし -without
  1225. なぜなら -because
  1226. , なぞ -riddle,puzzle,enigma
  1227. 納得, なっとく -consent,assent,understanding
  1228. , など -et cetera,etc.,and the like
  1229. , なな -seven
  1230. , なに -what
  1231. 何か, なにか -something
  1232. なにも -nothing
  1233. , なべ -saucepan,pot
  1234. , なま -(1) draft (beer),(2) raw,unprocessed
  1235. , なま -(1) draft (beer),(2) raw,unprocessed
  1236. 怠ける, なまける -to be idle,to neglect
  1237. , なみ -wave
  1238. , なみだ -tear
  1239. 悩む, なやむ -to be worried,to be troubled
  1240. 為る, なる -to change,to be of use,to reach to
  1241. 成る, なる -to become
  1242. , なわ -rope,hemp
  1243. 何で, なんで -Why?,What for?
  1244. 何でも, なんでも -by all means,everything
  1245. 何とか, なんとか -somehow,anyhow,one way or another
  1246. 似合う, にあう -to suit,to match,to become,to be like
  1247. 匂い, におい -odour,scent,smell,stench
  1248. 苦手, にがて -poor (at),weak (in),dislike (of)
  1249. 握る, にぎる -to grasp,to hold a (thing) in one's hand, grip
  1250. , にち -sun,sunshine,day
  1251. 日常, にちじょう -ordinary,regular,everyday,usual
  1252. 日曜, にちよう -Sunday
  1253. 日光, にっこう -sunlight
  1254. にっこり -smile sweetly,smile,grin
  1255. 日中, にっちゅう -daytime,broad daylight
  1256. 日本, にっぽん / にほん -Japan
  1257. 入学, にゅうがく -entry to school or university,matriculation
  1258. 入場, にゅうじょう -entrance,admission,entering
  1259. 人気, にんき -popularity
  1260. 人間, にんげん -human being,man,person
  1261. 抜く, ぬく -to extract,to omit,to surpass,to draw out,to unplug
  1262. 抜ける, ぬける -to come out,to fall out,to be omitted
  1263. , ぬの -cloth
  1264. 濡れる, ぬれる -to get wet
  1265. , -root
  1266. , -value,price,cost,worth,merit
  1267. 願い, ねがい -desire,wish,request
  1268. 願う, ねがう -to desire,to wish,to request
  1269. , ねずみ -(1) mouse, rat,
  1270. 値段, ねだん -price,cost
  1271. 熱心, ねっしん -zeal,enthusiasm
  1272. 熱帯, ねったい -tropics
  1273. 熱中する, ねっちゅうする -to devote oneself, be devoted to, be crazy about
  1274. 年間, ねんかん -year
  1275. 年月, ねんげつ -months and years
  1276. 年中, ねんじゅう -whole year,always,everyday
  1277. 年代, ねんだい -age,era,period,date
  1278. 年齢, ねんれい -age,years
  1279. , -field
  1280. , のう -ability, talent, a Noh play
  1281. 農家, のうか -farmer,farm family
  1282. 農業, のうぎょう -agriculture
  1283. 農民, のうみん -farmers,peasants
  1284. 能力, のうりょく -ability,faculty
  1285. , のき -eaves
  1286. 残す, のこす -to leave (behind, over),to bequeath,to save,to reserve
  1287. 残り, のこり -remnant,residue,remaining,left-over
  1288. 乗せる, のせる -to take on board,to give a ride
  1289. 除く, のぞく -to remove,to exclude,to except
  1290. 望み, のぞみ -wish,desire,(a) hope
  1291. 望む, のぞむ -to desire,to wish for,to see,to command (a view of)
  1292. , のち -afterwards,since then,in the future
  1293. , のど -throat
  1294. 伸ばす, のばす -to lengthen,to stretch,to reach out,to grow (beard)
  1295. 伸びる, のびる -to stretch,to extend,to make progress,to grow (beard, body height)
  1296. 述べる, のべる -to state,to express,to mention
  1297. 昇る, のぼる -to arise,to ascend,to go up
  1298. のんびり -carefree,at leisure
  1299. , -place,field (physics)
  1300. はあ -Yes, Uh-huh, I see,
  1301. , はい -ash
  1302. 梅雨, ばいう -rainy season,rain during the rainy season
  1303. 配達, はいたつ -delivery,distribution
  1304. 俳優, はいゆう -actor,actress,player,performer
  1305. , はか -grave,tomb
  1306. 馬鹿, ばか -fool,idiot,trivial matter,folly
  1307. 博士, はかせ -doctorate,PhD
  1308. 計る, はかる -to measure,to weigh,to survey
  1309. 履く, はく -to wear,to put on (lower body)
  1310. 吐く, はく -to breathe out, to vomit
  1311. 拍手, はくしゅ -clapping hands,applause
  1312. 莫大, ばくだい -enormous,vast
  1313. 爆発, ばくはつ -explosion,detonation,eruption
  1314. 博物館, はくぶつかん -museum
  1315. 激しい, はげしい -violent,vehement,intense
  1316. はさみ -scissors
  1317. 破産, はさん -(personal) bankruptcy
  1318. , はし -end (e.g. of street),edge,tip,margin,point
  1319. 始まり, はじまり -origin,beginning
  1320. 外す, はずす -to unfasten,to remove
  1321. , はた -flag
  1322. , はだ -skin
  1323. , はだか -naked,nude
  1324. , はたけ -field
  1325. 二十(歳), はたち -20 years old,
  1326. 働き, はたらき -work,labor
  1327. 発見, はっけん -discovery,detection,finding
  1328. 発行, はっこう -issue (publications)
  1329. 発車, はっしゃ -departure of a vehicle
  1330. 罰する, ばっする -to punish,to penalize
  1331. 発達, はったつ -development,growth
  1332. ばったり -with a clash (thud),with a bang,plump,flop
  1333. 発展, はってん -development,growth
  1334. 発表, はっぴょう -announcement,publication
  1335. 発明, はつめい -invention
  1336. 話し合う, はなしあう -to discuss,to talk together
  1337. 離す, はなす -to part,divide,separate
  1338. 放す, はなす -to separate,to set free
  1339. 離れる, はなれる -to be separated from,to leave,to go away,to be a long way off
  1340. , はね -counter for birds,counter for rabbits
  1341. , はば -width,breadth
  1342. 母親, ははおや -mother
  1343. 省く, はぶく -to omit,to eliminate,to curtail,to economize
  1344. 場面, ばめん -scene,setting (e.g. of novel)
  1345. , はら -abdomen,belly,stomach
  1346. , はら -field,plain,prairie,tundra,moor,wilderness
  1347. , はり -needle,hand (e.g. clock)
  1348. 張る, はる -to stick,to paste
  1349. , ばん -counter for a number
  1350. 範囲, はんい -extent,scope,sphere,range
  1351. 反抗, はんこう -opposition,resistance
  1352. 犯罪, はんざい -crime
  1353. 判断, はんだん -judgement,decision
  1354. 犯人, はんにん -offender,criminal
  1355. 販売, はんばい -sale,selling,marketing
  1356. , -light
  1357. 被害, ひがい -damage
  1358. 比較, ひかく -comparison
  1359. 轢く, ひく -to run somebody over (with vehicle),to knock someone down
  1360. 悲劇, ひげき -tragedy
  1361. 飛行, ひこう -aviation
  1362. , ひざ -knee,lap
  1363. 非常, ひじょう -emergency,extraordinary,unusual
  1364. 美人, びじん -beautiful person (woman)
  1365. , ひたい -forehead,brow
  1366. びっくり -be surprised,be amazed,be frightened,astonishment
  1367. 日付, ひづけ -date,dating
  1368. 必死, ひっし -inevitable death,desperation,frantic,inevitable result
  1369. ぴったり -exactly,neatly,sharp
  1370. 引っ張る, ひっぱる -(1) to pull,to draw,to stretch,to drag,(2) to pull the ball (baseball)
  1371. 否定, ひてい -negation,denial,repudiation
  1372. 一言, ひとこと -single word
  1373. 人込み, ひとごみ -crowd of people
  1374. 等しい, ひとしい -equal
  1375. 独り, ひとり -alone,
  1376. 一人一人, ひとりひとり -one by one,each,one at a time
  1377. 批判, ひはん -criticism,judgement,comment
  1378. 批評, ひひょう -criticism,review,commentary
  1379. 秘密, ひみつ -secret,secrecy
  1380. 微妙, びみょう -delicate,subtle
  1381. , ひも -(1) string,cord,(2) pimp
  1382. , ひょう -table (e.g. Tab 1),chart,list
  1383. 費用, ひよう -cost,expense
  1384. , びょう -second (60th min)
  1385. 評価, ひょうか -valuation,estimation,assessment,evaluation
  1386. 表現, ひょうげん -expression,presentation,representation (math)
  1387. 表情, ひょうじょう -facial expression
  1388. 平等, びょうどう -equality (a),impartiality,evenness
  1389. 評判, ひょうばん -fame,reputation,popularity,arrant
  1390. 表面, ひょうめん -surface,outside,face,appearance
  1391. 広がる, ひろがる -to spread (out),to extend,to stretch,to reach to,to get around
  1392. , ひん -elegance, grace, dignity,
  1393. , びん -bottle
  1394. 便, びん -way,means
  1395. , -un,non,negative prefix
  1396. , -nothing,naught,nil,zero
  1397. , -dividing,part
  1398. 不安, ふあん -anxiety,uneasiness,insecurity,suspense
  1399. 風景, ふうけい -scenery
  1400. 夫婦, ふうふ -married couple,husband and wife
  1401. , ふえ -flute,pipe
  1402. 不可, ふか -wrong,bad,improper,unjustifiable,inadvisable
  1403. 武器, ぶき -weapon,arms,ordinance
  1404. 服装, ふくそう -dress, clothes
  1405. 含む, ふくむ -to hold in the mouth,to bear in mind
  1406. , ふくろ -bag,sack
  1407. 不幸, ふこう -unhappiness,sorrow,misfortune,disaster,accident,death
  1408. , ふし -tune,tone,knot,knob,point
  1409. 無事, ぶじ -safety,peace,quietness
  1410. 不思議, ふしぎ -mystery,curiosity
  1411. 不自由, ふじゆう -discomfort,disability,inconvenience,destitution
  1412. 夫人, ふじん -wife,Mrs,madam
  1413. 婦人, ふじん -woman,female
  1414. 不正, ふせい -injustice,unfairness
  1415. 防ぐ, ふせぐ -to defend (against),to protect,to prevent
  1416. 不足, ふそく -insufficiency,shortage,deficiency,lack,dearth
  1417. 舞台, ぶたい -stage (theatre)
  1418. 双子, ふたご -twins,a twin
  1419. 再び, ふたたび -again,once more,a second time
  1420. 普段, ふだん -usually,habitually,ordinarily,always
  1421. , ふち -an edge, a brim, a rim,
  1422. 打つ, ぶつ -to hit,to strike
  1423. 物価, ぶっか -prices of commodities,prices (in general)
  1424. 物質, ぶっしつ -material,substance
  1425. 物理, ぶつり -physics
  1426. , ふで -writing brush
  1427. ふと -suddenly,casually,accidentally,incidentally,unexpectedly,unintentionally
  1428. , ふね -ship,boat,watercraft,shipping,vessel,steamship
  1429. 部分, ぶぶん -portion,section,part
  1430. 不平, ふへい -complaint,discontent,dissatisfaction
  1431. 不満, ふまん -dissatisfaction,displeasure,discontent,complaints,unhappiness
  1432. 不利, ふり -disadvantage,handicap,unfavorable,drawback
  1433. 振る, ふる -(1) to wave,to shake,to swing,(2) to sprinkle,(3) to cast (actor),to allocate (work)
  1434. 震える, ふるえる -to shiver,to shake,to quake
  1435. 触れる, ふれる -to touch,to be touched,to touch on a subject,to feel,to violate (law, copyright, etc.),to perceive,t
  1436. 風呂, ふろ -bath
  1437. , ぶん -dividing,part,segment
  1438. , ぶん -sentence
  1439. 雰囲気, ふんいき -atmosphere (e.g. musical),mood,ambience
  1440. 分析, ぶんせき -analysis
  1441. 文明Node-count limit exceeded, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ぶんめい}} -civilization,culture
  1442. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|分野}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ぶんや}} -field,sphere,realm,division,branch
  1443. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|塀}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|へい}} -wall,fence
  1444. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|平均}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|へいきん}} -equilibrium,balance,average,mean
  1445. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|平和}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|へいわ}} -peace,harmony
  1446. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|別に}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|べつに}} -(not) particularly,nothing
  1447. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|減らす}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|へらす}} -to abate,to decrease,to diminish,to shorten
  1448. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|減る}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|へる}} -to decrease (in size or number),to diminish,to abate
  1449. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|変化}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|へんか}} -goblin,ghost,apparition,bugbear
  1450. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|勉強}} / {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|勉強する}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|べんきょう}}する -study, work, to study, to sell (a thing) cheap
  1451. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|変更}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|へんこう}} -change,modification,alteration
  1452. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|弁当}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|べんとう}} -box lunch
  1453. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|方}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほう}} -side
  1454. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|法}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほう}} -Act (law: the X Act)
  1455. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|棒}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ぼう}} -pole,rod,stick
  1456. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|冒険}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ぼうけん}} -risk,venture,adventure
  1457. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|方向}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほうこう}} -direction,course,way
  1458. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|報告}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほうこく}} -report,information
  1459. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|宝石}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほうせき}} -gem,jewel
  1460. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|放送}} / {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|放送する}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほうそう}}する -broadcast, broadcasting, to broadcast
  1461. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|豊富}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほうふ}} -abundance,wealth,plenty,bounty
  1462. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|方法}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほうほう}} -method,manner,way,means,technique
  1463. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|方々}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほうぼう}} -persons,this and that,here and there,everywhere
  1464. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|訪問}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほうもん}} -call,visit
  1465. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|吠える}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほえる}} -to bark,to bay,to howl,to bellow,to roar,to cry
  1466. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|頬}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほお}} -cheek (of face)
  1467. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|他(外)}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほか}} -some, other place, the rest
  1468. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|誇り}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほこり}} -pride
  1469. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|埃}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほこり}} -dust
  1470. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|保証}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほしょう}} -guarantee, security, assurance, pledge, warranty
  1471. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|保存}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほぞん}} -preservation, conservation, storage, maintenance
  1472. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|程}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほど}} -degree,extent,bounds,limit
  1473. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|歩道}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほどう}} -footpath,walkway,sidewalk
  1474. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|仏}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほとけ}} -Buddha,merciful person,Buddhist image,the dead
  1475. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|骨}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほね}} -bone
  1476. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|炎}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほのお}} -flame
  1477. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|頬}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほほ}} -cheek (of face)
  1478. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほぼ}} -almost,roughly,approximately
  1479. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|微笑む}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほほえむ}} -to smile
  1480. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|褒める}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほめる}} -to praise,to admire,to speak well
  1481. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|濠}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほり}} -moat
  1482. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|本当}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほんとう}} / {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほんと}} -truth,reality
  1483. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|本人}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほんにん}} -the person himself
  1484. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|本物}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ほんもの}} -genuine article
  1485. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ぼんやり}} -absent-minded,block-head,dim,faint,vague
  1486. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|間}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ま}} -space,room,time,pause
  1487. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まあ}} -(female) you might say
  1488. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|マイク}} -mike
  1489. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|迷子}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まいご}} -lost (stray) child
  1490. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|任せる}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まかせる}} -to entrust to another,to leave to
  1491. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|幕}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まく}} -curtain,bunting,act (in play)
  1492. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|負け}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まけ}} -defeat,loss,losing (a game)
  1493. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|孫}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まご}} -grandchild
  1494. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まさか}} -nonsense, that's impossible,
  1495. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まさに}} -correctly, surely
  1496. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|真面目}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まじめ}} -diligent,serious,honest
  1497. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|増す}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ます}} -to increase,to grow
  1498. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|先ず}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まず}} -first (of all),to start with,about,almost,hardly (with neg. verb)
  1499. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|貧しい}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まずしい}} -poor, needy
  1500. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ますます}} -increasingly,more and more
  1501. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|又}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|また}} -again,and
  1502. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|未だ}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まだ}} -yet,still,more,besides
  1503. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|街}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まち}} -(1) town, city
  1504. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|間違い}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まちがい}} -mistake
  1505. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|松}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まつ}} -(1) pine tree,(2) highest (of a three-tier ranking system)
  1506. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|真っ赤}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まっか}} -deep red,flushed (of face)
  1507. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|真っ直ぐ}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まっすぐ}} -straight (ahead),direct,upright
  1508. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|全く}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まったく}} -really,truly,entirely,completely
  1509. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|祭}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まつり}} -festival,feast
  1510. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|学ぶ}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まなぶ}} -to study (in depth),to learn,to take lessons in
  1511. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|真似}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まね}} -mimicry,imitation,behavior,pretense
  1512. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|招く}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まねく}} -to invite
  1513. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|豆}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まめ}} -beans,peas
  1514. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|守る}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まもる}} -to protect,to obey,to guard,to abide (by the rules)
  1515. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|丸}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まる}} -circle,full (month),perfection,purity,suffix for ship names
  1516. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|丸い}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まるい}} -round,circular,spherical
  1517. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まるで}} -quite,entirely,completely
  1518. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|回す}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まわす}} -to turn,to revolve
  1519. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|回り}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まわり}} -circumference,surroundings,circulation
  1520. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|万一}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まんいち}} -by any chance
  1521. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|満足}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|まんぞく}} -satisfaction
  1522. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|身}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|み}} -body,main part,oneself,sword
  1523. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|実}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|み}} -fruit,nut,seed,content,good result
  1524. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|見送り}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|みおくり}} -seeing one off,farewell,escort
  1525. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|味方}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|みかた}} -friend,ally,supporter
  1526. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|見事}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|みごと}} -splendid,magnificent,beautiful,admirable
  1527. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|満ちる}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|みちる}} -to be full,to rise (tide),to mature,to expire
  1528. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|密な}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|みつな}} -dense, thick
  1529. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|認める}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|みとめる}} -to recognize,to appreciate,to approve,to admit,to notice
  1530. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|見舞い}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|みまい}} -enquiry,expression of sympathy,expression of concern
  1531. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|土産}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|みやげ}} -present,souvenir
  1532. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|都}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|みやこ}} -capital
  1533. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|妙}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|みょう}} -strange,unusual
  1534. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|明後日}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|みょうごにち}} -day after tomorrow
  1535. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|未来}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|みらい}} -future (life, tense)
  1536. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|魅力}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|みりょく}} -charm,fascination,glamour
  1537. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|皆}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|みんな}} -all,everyone,everybody
  1538. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|無}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|む}} -nothing,naught,nil,zero
  1539. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|向かい}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|むかい}} -facing,opposite,across the street,other side
  1540. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|迎え}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|むかえ}} -meeting,person sent to pick up an arrival
  1541. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|向く}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|むく}} -to face
  1542. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|向ける}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|むける}} -to turn towards,to point
  1543. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|無視}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|むし}} -disregard,ignore
  1544. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|虫歯}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|むしば}} -cavity,tooth decay,decayed tooth,caries
  1545. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|寧ろ}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|むしろ}} -rather,better,instead
  1546. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|結ぶ}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|むすぶ}} -to tie,to bind,to link
  1547. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|無駄}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|むだ}} -futility,uselessness
  1548. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|夢中}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|むちゅう}} -daze,(in a) trance,ecstasy,delirium,engrossment
  1549. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|胸}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|むね}} -breast,chest
  1550. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|無料}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|むりょう}} -free,no charge
  1551. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|芽}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|め}} -sprout
  1552. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|明確}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|めいかく}} -clear up,clarify,define
  1553. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|命じる}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|めいじる}} -to order,to command,to appoint
  1554. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|名人}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|めいじん}} -master,expert
  1555. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|命令}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|めいれい}} -order,command,decree,directive,(software) instruction
  1556. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|迷惑}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|めいわく}} -trouble,bother,annoyance
  1557. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|飯}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|めし}} -(sl) meals,food
  1558. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|滅多に}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|めったに}} -rarely (with neg. verb),seldom
  1559. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|面}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|めん}} -a mask, the face, the surface, an aspect, a side,
  1560. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|綿}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|めん}} -cotton,padding
  1561. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|免許}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|めんきょ}} -license,permit,licence,certificate
  1562. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|面倒}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|めんどう}} -trouble,difficulty,care,attention
  1563. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|申し込む}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|もうしこむ}} -to apply for,to make an application
  1564. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|申し訳}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|もうしわけ}} -apology,excuse
  1565. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|毛布}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|もうふ}} -blanket
  1566. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|燃える}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|もえる}} -to burn
  1567. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|目的}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|もくてき}} -purpose,goal,aim,objective,intention
  1568. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|目標}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|もくひょう}} -mark,objective,target
  1569. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|木曜}} / {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|木曜日}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|もくよう}} / {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|もくようび}} -Thursday
  1570. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|文字}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|もじ}} -letter (of alphabet),character
  1571. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|もしも}} -if
  1572. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|持ち上げる}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|もちあげる}} -to raise,to lift up,to flatter
  1573. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|用いる}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|もちいる}} -to use,to make use of
  1574. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|勿論}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|もちろん}} -of course,certainly,naturally
  1575. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|最も}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|もっとも}} -most,extremely
  1576. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|尤も}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|もっとも}} -quite right,plausible,natural,but then,although
  1577. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|元}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|もと}} -(1) origin,original,(2) former
  1578. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|基}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|もと}} -basis
  1579. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|戻す}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|もどす}} -to restore,to put back,to return
  1580. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|基づく}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|もとづく}} -to be grounded on,to be based on,to be due to,to originate from
  1581. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|求める}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|もとめる}} -to seek,to request,to demand,to want,to wish for,to search for,to pursue (pleasure),to hunt (a job),
  1582. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|者}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|もの}} -person
  1583. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|物音}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ものおと}} -sounds
  1584. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|物語}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ものがたり}} -tale,story,legend
  1585. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|物事}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ものごと}} -things,everything
  1586. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|模様}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|もよう}} -pattern,figure,design
  1587. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|貰う}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|もらう}} -to receive
  1588. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|文句}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|もんく}} -phrase,complaint
  1589. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|文字}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|もんじ}} -letter (of alphabet),character
  1590. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|やがて}} -before long,soon,at length
  1591. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|役}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|やく}} -use,service,role,position
  1592. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|約}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|やく}} -approximately,about,some
  1593. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|訳}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|やく}} -translation, a version
  1594. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|役割}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|やくわり}} -part,assigning (allotment of) parts,role,duties
  1595. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|家賃}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|やちん}} -rent
  1596. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|厄介}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|やっかい}} -trouble,burden,care,bother
  1597. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|宿}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|やど}} -inn,lodging
  1598. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|雇う}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|やとう}} -to employ,to hire
  1599. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|屋根}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|やね}} -roof
  1600. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|やはり}} -also,as I thought,still,in spite of,absolutely,of course
  1601. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|破る}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|やぶる}} -to tear,to violate,to defeat,to smash,to destroy
  1602. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|辞める}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|やめる}} -to retire
  1603. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|やや}} -a little,partially,somewhat,a short time,a while
  1604. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|唯一}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ゆいいつ}} -only,sole,unique
  1605. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|言う}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ゆう}} -to say
  1606. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|勇気}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ゆうき}} -courage,bravery,valour,nerve,boldness
  1607. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|有効}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ゆうこう}} -validity,availability,effectiveness
  1608. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|優秀}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ゆうしゅう}} -superiority,excellence
  1609. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|優勝}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ゆうしょう}} -overall victory,championship
  1610. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|友情}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ゆうじょう}} -friendship,fellowship
  1611. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|友人}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ゆうじん}} -friend
  1612. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|有能}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ゆうのう}} -able,capable,efficient,skill
  1613. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|郵便}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ゆうびん}} -mail,postal service
  1614. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|夕べ}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ゆうべ}} -evening
  1615. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|有利}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ゆうり}} -advantageous,better,profitable,lucrative
  1616. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|床}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ゆか}} -floor
  1617. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|愉快}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ゆかい}} -pleasant,happy
  1618. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|輸出}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ゆしゅつ}}する -export, to export
  1619. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|譲る}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ゆずる}} -to turn over,to assign,to hand over
  1620. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|豊か}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ゆたか}} -abundant,wealthy,plentiful,rich
  1621. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ゆっくり}} / {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|と}} -slowly,at ease
  1622. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|輸入}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ゆにゅう}}する -importation,import,introduction, to import
  1623. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|許す}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ゆるす}} -to permit, to allow, to approve, to forgive
  1624. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|夜}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|よ}} -evening,night
  1625. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|夜明け}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|よあけ}} -dawn,daybreak
  1626. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|よい}} -good,nice,pleasant,ok
  1627. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|様}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|よう}} -way,manner,kind
  1628. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|酔う}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|よう}} -to get drunk,to become intoxicated
  1629. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|容易}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ようい}} -easy,simple,plain
  1630. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|陽気な}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ようき}} -cheerful, lively, merry
  1631. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|要求}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ようきゅう}} -request,demand,requisition
  1632. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|用心}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ようじん}} -care,precaution,guarding,caution
  1633. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|様子}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ようす}} -aspect,state,appearance
  1634. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|要するに}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ようするに}} -in a word,after all,the point is ..,in short ..
  1635. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|要素}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ようそ}} -element
  1636. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|要点}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ようてん}} -gist,main point
  1637. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|曜日}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ようび}} -day of the week
  1638. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|予期}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|よき}} -expectation,assume will happen,forecast
  1639. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|横切る}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|よこぎる}} -to cross (e.g. arms),to traverse
  1640. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|予算}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|よさん}} -estimate,budget
  1641. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|止す}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|よす}} -to cease,to abolish,to resign,to give up
  1642. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|予測}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|よそく}} -prediction,estimation
  1643. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|夜中}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|よなか}} -midnight,dead of night
  1644. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|世の中}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|よのなか}} -society,the world,the times
  1645. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|余分}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|よぶん}} -extra,excess,surplus
  1646. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|予報}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|よほう}} -forecast,prediction
  1647. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|予防}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|よぼう}} -prevention,precaution,protection against
  1648. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|読み}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|よみ}} -reading
  1649. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|嫁}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|よめ}} -bride,daughter-in-law
  1650. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|余裕}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|よゆう}} -surplus,composure,margin,room,time,allowance,scope,rope
  1651. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|よると}} -according to
  1652. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|喜び}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|よろこび}} -(a) joy,(a) delight,rapture,pleasure,gratification,rejoicing,congratulations,felicitations
  1653. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|宜しい}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|よろしい}} -(hon) good,OK,all right,fine,very well,will do,may,can
  1654. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|よろしく}} -well,properly,suitably,best regards,please remember me
  1655. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|四}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|よん}} -four
  1656. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|来}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|らい}} -,for (10 days),next (year)
  1657. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|楽}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|らく}} -comfort,ease
  1658. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|利益}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|りえき}} -profits,gains,(political, economic) interest
  1659. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|理解}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|りかい}} -understanding,comprehension
  1660. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|陸}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|りく}} -(the) land
  1661. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|利口}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|りこう}} -clever,shrewd,bright,sharp,wise,intelligent
  1662. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|離婚}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|りこん}} -divorce
  1663. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|理想}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|りそう}} -ideal
  1664. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|率}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|りつ}} -rate,ratio,proportion,percentage
  1665. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|立派}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|りっぱ}} -splendid,fine,handsome,elegant,imposing,prominent,legal,legitimate
  1666. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|留学}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|りゅうがく}} -studying abroad
  1667. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|流行}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|りゅうこう}} -fashionable,fad,in vogue,prevailing
  1668. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|量}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|りょう}} -quantity,amount,volume,portion (of food)
  1669. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|両替}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|りょうがえ}} -change,money exchange
  1670. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|料金}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|りょうきん}} -fee,charge,fare
  1671. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|例}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|れい}} -instance,example,case
  1672. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|礼}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|れい}} -expression of gratitude
  1673. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|礼儀}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|れいぎ}} -manners,courtesy,etiquette
  1674. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|冷静}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|れいせい}} -calm,composure,coolness,serenity
  1675. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|列}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|れつ}} -queue,line,row
  1676. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|列車}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|れっしゃ}} -train (ordinary)
  1677. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|練習}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|れんしゅう}}する -practice, to practice
  1678. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|連想}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|れんそう}} -association (of ideas),suggestion
  1679. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|連続}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|れんぞく}} -serial,consecutive,continuity,continuing
  1680. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|老人}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ろうじん}} -the aged,old person
  1681. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|労働}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ろうどう}} -manual labor,toil,work
  1682. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|論じる}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ろんじる}} -to argue,to discuss,to debate
  1683. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|論争}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ろんそう}} -controversy,dispute
  1684. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|論文}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ろんぶん}} -thesis,essay,treatise,paper
  1685. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|輪}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|わ}} -ring,hoop,circle
  1686. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|わがまま}} -selfishness, wilfulness, whim
  1687. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|別れ}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|わかれ}} -parting,separation,farewell
  1688. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|脇}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|わき}} -side
  1689. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|分ける}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|わける}} -to divide,to separate
  1690. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|わざと}} -on purpose
  1691. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|僅か}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|わずか}} -only,merely,a little,small quantity
  1692. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|綿}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|わた}} -cotton,padding
  1693. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|話題}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|わだい}} -topic,subject
  1694. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|笑い}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|わらい}} -laugh,laughter,smile
  1695. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|割る}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|わる}} -to divide,to cut,to break,to halve
  1696. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|悪口}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|わるくち}} -abuse,insult,slander,evil speaking
  1697. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|我々}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|われわれ}} -we
  1698. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|湾}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|わん}} -bay,gulf,inlet
  1699. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|アイスクリーム}} -ice cream
  1700. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|アイロン}} -(electric) iron
  1701. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|アウト}} -out
  1702. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|アルバム}} -album
  1703. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|インク}} -ink
  1704. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ウイスキー}} -whisky
  1705. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|エネルギー}} -(n) energy (de: Energie)
  1706. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|エンジン}} -engine
  1707. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|オーバー}} -(1) overcoat,(2) over
  1708. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|オフィス}} -office
  1709. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|カー}} -car
  1710. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|カード}} -card,curd
  1711. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|キャプテン}} -captain
  1712. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|キャンプ}} -camp
  1713. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|キロ}} -(abbr) kilo-, kilogram, kilometre,
  1714. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|クラシック}} -classic(s)
  1715. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|グラス}} -(1) glass,(2) grass
  1716. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|グランド}} -gland,grand,(electrical) ground
  1717. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|クリーム}} -cream
  1718. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|クリスマス}} -Christmas
  1719. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|グループ}} -group
  1720. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ケース}} -case
  1721. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ゲーム}} -game
  1722. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|コーチ}} -coach
  1723. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|コード}} -code,cord,chord
  1724. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ゴール}} -goal
  1725. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|コピー}} -(1) a (photo)copy,(2) blurb on a book jacket
  1726. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|コンピューター}} -computer
  1727. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|サービス}} -(1) service,support system,(2) goods or services without charge
  1728. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|サイン}} -(1) autograph,(2) sign,(3) sine
  1729. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ジーンズ}} -jeans
  1730. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ジェット機}}, {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ジェットき}} -jet aeroplane
  1731. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ジュース}} -juice,soft drink,deuce
  1732. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|スイッチ}} -switch
  1733. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|スープ}} -(Western) soup
  1734. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|スキー}} -skiing
  1735. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|スケート}} -skate(s),skating
  1736. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|スター}} -star
  1737. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|スタイル}} -style
  1738. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|スタンド}} -stand
  1739. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|スピーチ}} -speech
  1740. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|セット}} -set
  1741. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|センター}} -a center
  1742. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ソファー}} -sofa,couch
  1743. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|タイプライター}} -typewriter
  1744. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ダイヤ}} -(1) diagram,(2) (railway) schedule,(3) diamond
  1745. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|タオル}} -towel
  1746. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ダンス}} -dance
  1747. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|チーズ}} -cheese
  1748. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|チーム}} -team
  1749. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|チャンス}} -chance,opportunity
  1750. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|デート}} -date,go on a date
  1751. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|デモ}} -(abbr) demo,demonstration
  1752. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|テント}} -tent
  1753. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|トップ}} -top
  1754. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ドライブ}} -drive,trip by car,driving
  1755. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|トラック}} -(1) truck,(2) (running) track
  1756. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ドラマ}} -drama
  1757. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|トランプ}} -playing cards (lit: trump)
  1758. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ドレス}} -dress
  1759. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|トン}} -ton
  1760. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|トンネル}} -tunnel
  1761. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ノー}} -no
  1762. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ノック}} -(1) knock,(2) fungo (baseball)
  1763. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|パーセント}} -percent
  1764. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|バイオリン}} -violin
  1765. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ハイキング}} -hiking
  1766. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|パイプ}} -(1) pipe,tube,(2) channels, official or otherwise
  1767. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|パイロット}} -pilot
  1768. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|パス}} -path,pass (in games)
  1769. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|パスポート}} -passport
  1770. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|バッグ}} -bag,
  1771. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|バン}} -bun,van (caravan),VAN (value-added network)
  1772. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ハンサム}} -handsome
  1773. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ビール}} -beer
  1774. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ピクニック}} -picnic
  1775. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ビデオ}} -video
  1776. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ピン}} -pin
  1777. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|プラス}} -plus
  1778. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|プラン}} -plan
  1779. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ブレーキ}} -a brake
  1780. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|プロ}} -professional
  1781. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ベルト}} -Belt for western clothes
  1782. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ペンキ}} -(n) paint (nl: pek)
  1783. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ベンチ}} -bench
  1784. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ボーイ}} -boy
  1785. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ボート}} -rowing boat
  1786. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ホーム}} -(1) platform,(2) home
  1787. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ボール}} -ball,bowl
  1788. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|マーケット}} -market
  1789. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|マイク}} -mike
  1790. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|マスター}} -proprietor,manager,barowner,master (e.g. arts, science)
  1791. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ママ}} -Mama
  1792. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ミス}} -miss (mistake, error, failure),Miss
  1793. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ミルク}} -milk
  1794. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|メモ}} -memorandum
  1795. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|メンバー}} -member
  1796. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ユーモア}} -humor
  1797. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ヨーロッパ}} -Europe
  1798. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ヨット}} -yacht
  1799. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ライター}} -lighter,rider,writer
  1800. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ラケット}} -racket, paddle,
  1801. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|レポート}} -report,paper
  1802. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ロケット}} -locket,rocket
  1803. {{Node-count limit exceeded|ja|ワイン}} -wine